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9 Reasons to Plan a Guys Trip to Vegas ASAP

Friends Toasting During Guys Trip to Vegas

Sometimes, you and the guys just need to get away for the weekend to really let loose and bond. Las Vegas is one of the best guys trip destinations. Sports, pools, top entertainment, fun bars, and much much more await you and your crew in the city. Read on for some of the best guys trip vacation ideas, round up the boys, and plan a guys trip to Vegas to create some memories you and the crew will never forget.


The Bars


Grabbing a drink with the guys is one of the best ways to hang out, and Las Vegas takes it to the next level. Canadian-themed sports bars, bars made of ice, speakeasies, tiki bars, swim-up bars at the pool, bars with flair bartenders, local breweries, and rooftop bars with amazing views of the city are just some of the examples you’ll find. Take a guys trip to Vegas to try out the bars on your list and toast to your friendship.


The Restaurants


Between your guys’ trip drinks, you’re going to need some food to help absorb the alcohol and fuel you through your day. No matter your dining preferences, Vegas has it for you. For those late late nights when you’re craving something comforting or hearty, grab a hot dog, pizza, or some BBQ. For those nights when you guys want to be high rollers in the city, make a reservation at a classy Las Vegas steakhouse.


The Casinos


A guys’ trip vacation to Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete without at least one visit to the casino. You can go as a whole group and play some table games together or split off to play some individual games like slots. Either way, imagine how fun it’ll be once you win some extra money to make your trip even more epic. The free casino drinks and Dancing Dealers also add some nice perks to the Las Vegas casino experience.


Best Guys Trip Destination at Stadium Swim Pool in Las Vegas


The Pools


The pools in Las Vegas are some of the best in the world. Since there are so many in the city, you can enjoy the desert weather while in the water in a variety of settings. There are pool clubs for when you want to party, spa pools for a moment of relaxation, and even sports-focused pools where you can enjoy a cold beverage while cheering on your favorite team. Pack your bathing suit and sunscreen for an awesome day (or night) by the pool.


The Sportsbooks


If you and your crew aren’t as into traditional betting at the casino or if you’re in town during a big game, Las Vegas sportsbooks are the ultimate spot for sports betting and watching the game. Imagine those game days at home on your couch with the guys, and now imagine game days with a 3-story TV screen and state-of-the-art technology at the world’s largest sportsbook or watching and betting poolside. That’s what you’ll find in Vegas.


The Events


On top of the endless activities for you and the guys to do in Vegas, keep an eye out for some of the amazing events in the city. There are some permanent events such as live shows and music residencies, or you can look ahead in the calendar for events such as festivals or big holiday weekend celebrations. The city never has a dull moment, making it one of the best guys trip destinations in the world.


Man on Plane Ride for Activity During Guys Trip to Las Vegas


The Activities


Las Vegas has a lot more going on than just the clubs and casinos. If you and the boys are into having a bit of fun, there are endless guys’ trio vacation ideas to try in Las Vegas. You can race exotic cars, fly in helicopters or planes, go on hikes, visit museums, shoot at the range, try thrill rides, and so much more. There are so many Las Vegas activities to choose from that you’re going to need multiple guys trips to fit them all in!


The Hotels


When you’re choosing the best guys’ trip destination, you need to factor in where you sleep. While you might not be in your room the whole time, it’s still a place to unwind or start the pregame. Las Vegas hotels are the best place to enjoy your vacation. With comfortable rooms and epic suites – some even built for sleeping your whole crew with some bunk beds – you’ll have a great home base between all the activities you do.


The Memories


Okay, this last one might be a little cheesy, but it’s true. One of the best reasons to start planning your guys’ trip to Vegas ASAP is because it’s one of the best places to make memories with your closest friends. Some of the best movies have been made about a group of guys heading to the desert for a weekend of epic proportions, and with good reason. Start planning your guys’ trip to Vegas to start making your own awesome memories.


As you’re choosing the best guys trip destinations for you and the crew, put Las Vegas at the top of your list. With something to do for everyone’s style, this is the best place to enjoy your time with some of your closest friends. When you book a room at the D Las Vegas, you and the guys will have a comfortable space to pregame and recover after all the activities. On top of that, you’ll be located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas – and will even have access to the perks of Circa Las Vegas. Start planning and book your guys trip today!