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The Best Las Vegas “Fast Food” Restaurants in the City

Man Eating Burger from Las Vegas Fast Food Restaurant

Craving pizza, hot dogs, burgers, or a quick sandwich? Ignore the nation-wide (and international) chains you can find anywhere. Las Vegas has some of the best “fast food” you can find, where you’ll enjoy premium ingredients with the taste you crave. Might they take a little longer than pulling up to the drive-thru? Yes! But will the extra time for a-little-less-fast food be worth it? Also yes. From hot dogs and burgers to deli sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches, see some of the best Las Vegas “fast food” restaurants to grab a quick bite.


Where to Find the Best Fast Food in Vegas


Hot Dogs: American Coney Island

Are you looking for a good ol’ American classic? American Coney Island has your back. American Coney Island is open 24-hours and offers high-quality specially-seasoned Dearborn sausage hotdogs smothered in the Keros family secret recipe chili sauce on a warm steamed bun. Top the hotdog off with fine mustard and sweet chopped onions for an authentic American Coney Island experience. This snack makes for the perfect Las Vegas fast food treat.


Burgers: Victory Burger

Ditch the golden arches and kings so you can find a real burger in Las Vegas. Though you might not be in and out like fast food chains, the slightly longer wait for a high-quality burger is well worth the wait. At Victory Burger, you’ll find a wide variety of food, from salads to nachos to wings. But the real stars are the burgers. With a half-pound Victory Burger and a super unique Martini Burger, you’re going to want to stop by and have a bite.


Classic Barbecue from Project BBQ Food Truck in Las Vegas


Barbecue: Project BBQ

The first and only permanent food truck on Fremont Street is dedicated to some of the best barbecue in town. But don’t let that small Project BBQ food truck kitchen fool you – it can still pack some pretty big flavors. You can opt for your basic (and delicious) pulled pork, brisket, and chicken sandwiches, or you can try the mind-blowing Garbage Bowl made with chips, brisket, pulled pork, BBQ chicken, BBQ sauce, beer cheese sauce, crispy bacon, and slaw.


Mexican: Tacos El Gordo

With 6 locations only in Las Vegas and San Diego, you can rest assured that Tacos El Gordo will be some of the best Mexican food you’ve had in a while. Instead of going to the big taco chain that might ring some bells, head to Tacos El Gordo for an authentic Tijuana taco experience, complete with fresh handmade corn tortillas and high-quality meats. Not in a taco mood? Be sure to order their loaded fries, then. A perfect meal after a night out.


Pizza: Pizza Rock

Name a type of pizza, and Pizza Rock probably has it. Pizza Napoletana, Romana, classic American, classic Italian, grandma, Sicilian, Detroit, California, cracker-thin, New York, and gluten-free are your choices, meaning you get a lot more options and flavors than any chain pizza delivery could offer. You can even find pastas and burgers if you didn’t have enough to choose from already! Stop by for happy hour to make your meal extra tasty.


Las Vegas Fast Food from Saginaw’s Delicatessen


Sandwiches: Saginaw’s Delicatessen

Taking the humble sandwich to an elevated experience, Saginaw’s Delicatessen is where you can find sandwiches so big, you’ll need two hands to eat them. The sandwich shop is open 24/7 and is one of the best Las Vegas “fast food” restaurants there is. Enjoy Saginaw’s famous Reuben, matzo ball soup, onion rings, prime rib, desserts, and so much more. While nothing is $5 or a foot long, the carefully-crafted sandwiches and other menu items are well worth it.


Fried Chicken: The Crack Shack

Open on Sundays (and all the other days of the week, too), Crack Shack has been building its name in the fried chicken and chicken sandwich game. From classic chicken sandwiches and Southern biscuits to the unique Cali Drip sandwich with pollo asado and fries, the menu has a bit of everything for chicken lovers. Better yet, they have a full bar and some delicious seasonal milkshakes.


Breakfast: Eggslut

Getting a breakfast sandwich reheated out of a bag at a coffee shop drive-thru might be acceptable in a pinch, but if you have a little more time, Eggslut is where you should start your day. Starting with bread that’s made locally and delivered fresh every day, the menu focuses on, you guessed it, egg sandwiches. There’s not much better than a breakfast with hearty ingredients to get your day off on the right foot.


Las Vegas is growing more and more every day to become the ultimate spot for foodies. And leave it to Vegas to elevate your fast food experiences with some great restaurants that give you that nostalgic feeling but with more care and better ingredients. If you’re looking for something delicious after a night out or to start off your day, be sure to try out these Las Vegas “fast food” restaurants!