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Fremont Street Experience

Make your visit to Fremont Street an Experience


Once you step out of the D doors, you are on an adventure that is unlike any other. You have now stepped on to Fremont Street. Here you will see many unique dining options, bars, performances, music concerts, and some great people watching. The bright lights of the Fremont Street Experience are produced by Viva Vision, the world’s largest video screen. It features 12.5 million LED lights found ten stories above the street and is 1,500 feet long, 90 feet wide, and has a show every night with a 550,000-watt sound system. 

As you wander down this street, you might hear some music from one of the three stages. Each stage features shows and live concerts from various musicians, from local artists to even some big names like Lady Antebellum. Fremont Street is one-of-a-kind and offers plenty of entertainment to make your trip to Downtown Las Vegas unforgettable.