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Sigma Derby

The D Las Vegas Sigma Derby


“Come on Lucky Number 4!” A common phrase heard around the Sigma Derby table found on the second floor of the D Las Vegas Casino. This 34-year-old game was a staple in most casinos and is a star attraction at the D. Currently, it is the only one remaining in the city. Sigma Derby is a beautifully-crafted track game that includes 5 mechanical horses. All you have to do is bet which horses will be first and second. Sounds easy, but betting can only be placed with quarters.

Before the game starts, you choose which horse you think will win and have the chance of betting odds that range from 2-1 to 200-1. You then have 30 seconds to put in your quarter, then after that, the gears and motors take over while you sit back and cheer. Located around the game are 10 stations for people to gather and cheer on their lucky horse. Come check out this novelty game and hopefully win big while making some new friends.