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The Best Nevada Trails to Hike and Enjoy Nature

Man Hiking Near Las Vegas on Nevada Trails

Right before temperatures really start to rise, be sure to get in your outdoor adventures! National Trails Day is June 5, and we can’t think of any better way to celebrate than immersing yourself in Nevada’s nature. Read on to see some of the best outdoor trails and hikes to enjoy near Las Vegas – from canyon hikes to trails that lead to kayaking and hot springs.


Nevada Hikes in Valley of Fire


Fire Wave

Distance: 1.5 miles | Elevation: 236ft. | Difficulty: Easy

Fire Wave is Valley of Fires’ most popular hike. It got its name because of the beautiful wave-like rocks you will see once you reach your destination. This trail is highly trafficked and well-marked for easy hiking!


White Domes

Distance: 1.1 miles | Elevation: 170ft. | Difficulty: Easy

In just a little over a one-mile loop, you can experience Valley of Fire’s premier hike. During the hike, you will have the opportunity to experience beautiful sandstone walls and cliffs. If you are claustrophobic, this may not be the hike for you, as the sandstone walls make the hike quite narrow.


Sunrise at Red Rock Canyon Nevada Hikes


Nevada Hikes in Red Rock Canyon


Calico Hills

Distance: 2-6 miles | Elevation: 1,108ft | Difficulty: Moderate

Calico Hills can be a shorter out and back trail, but if you go the entire 6 miles, you will experience some great views. This trail also offers great views of colorful sandstone and is a great hike to bring along your furry friend!


Calico Tanks

Distance: 2.2 miles | Elevation: 406ft. | Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult 

This heavily trafficked in and out trail gives a little twist that some other trails don’t offer. While this is a great trail to bring your furry friend, you can also experience wildflowers off in the distance. Make sure to bring your sunscreen and a hat as well as there is not much shade on this trail!


Ice Box Canyon

Distance: 2.3 miles | Elevation: 577ft. | Difficulty: Difficult 

Waterfalls, bird watching, and viewing nature, the Ice Box Canyon trail offers it all. From September to May, you will be able to experience the best waterfalls that this hike has to offer. The beginning of the trail is marked off, but once you get further into the canyon the trail is not marked. Be sure to bring a map and hiking boots. This trail is not for beginners!


Mount Charleston Hikes Near Las Vegas


Nevada Hikes at Mount Charleston


Mary Jane Falls

Distance: 2.5 miles | Elevation: 938 ft. | Difficulty: Intermediate

With the best views from April to December, Mary Jane Falls is a great hike for all. While the hike itself is intermediate, the trail is very visible and marked off, so it would be hard to get lost. This hike is a must with beautiful views and a waterfall! 


Big Falls

Distance: 3.4 miles | Elevation: 928ft. | Difficulty: Intermediate

Big Falls is located right in the heart of Mount Charleston and can be accessed year-round. The trail itself is not too difficult, but navigating it is, so be sure you are familiar with the area and bring a map with you!


Nevada Hikes and Trails at Lake Mead


Nevada Hikes at Lake Mead


Arizona Hot Springs

Distance: 5 miles | Elevation: 750ft. | Difficulty: Very Difficult 

Beginning at White Rock Canyon Trailhead, this hike is definitely not one for beginners or people who are afraid of heights. There are many boulders that you have to climb over as well as a 10ft ladder that is in a waterfall. Arizona Hot Springs hike is usually close from May 15th- September 30th, but these dates can vary. Updated information can be found here


Historic Railroad Trail

Distance: 7.5 miles | Elevation: 445ft. | Difficulty: Easy 

The Historic Railroad Trail is one of the easiest hikes out at Lake Mead offering panoramic views and beautiful sunsets.  This hike can be accessed from the Hoover Dam Lodge as well as just east of the Lake Mead Visitors Center off of Lakeshore Road. 


Owl Canyon

Distance: 2.2 miles | Elevation: 300ft. | Difficulty: Moderate

Find yourself in areas that used to be completely filled with water when Lake Mead’s water lines were higher. You will wind in between oddly shaped rocks and even have the possibility of spotting an owl. This trail is located toward the 33 Hole Overlook, right off of Lakeshore Road. 


Woman Exploring Nevada Trails and Hikes


Other Nevada Trails and Hikes


Sandstone Canyon Loop

Distance: 2.2 miles | Elevation: 242ft. | Difficulty: Easy

Located just 40 minutes east of the Las Vegas valley, the Sandstone Canyon Loop is a great hike with lake views. While the lake has recently been fenced off to protect the wildlife 


Cottonwood Canyon

Distance: 3.1 miles | Elevation: 203ft. | Difficulty: Easy

Located in Summerlin, Cottonwood Canyon Trail is easy enough for all ages and also a great hike to bring your furry friend. With the trail being paved, this is also a great trail to bike for beginners!


Southwest Ridge Loop

Distance: 7.3 miles | Elevation: 816ft. | Difficulty: Moderate

With a trail that overlooks the Las Vegas strip this trail is a must this summer! Head out early in the morning to catch the sunrise or late in the evening to catch a beautiful sunset. 


Be sure to hit the trails early this summer before the temperatures get too high – it’s going to be a hot one! And be sure to wear proper sun protection, pack proper hiking gear, and drink plenty of water to ensure your day of Nevada trails and hikes is safe and fun. After a long day of exploring the great outdoors, make sure you have a comfortable spot to rest after. Book a room at the D, where the A/C and comfortable beds will be waiting for you between adventures!