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What Does Your Casino Drink Say About You?

Woman Drinking Free Casino Drink at Table Game

There’s nothing quite like making bets with a free casino drink in hand. Everyone has a go-to beverage, so what does your drink say about you? You’d be surprised just how much your signature casino drink can tell. Are you a classy gambler, or more of a wild card when you’re on the casino floor? Read your casino cocktail profile and find out!


What’s Your Signature Casino Drink?


Gin & Tonic

The Gin & Tonic is a classic casino drink that’s simple, yet complex when it comes to flavor. It’s bright and zesty with a surprising bittersweet twist at the end. 

If this cocktail is your go-to choice at the casino, you’re most likely a sophisticated, strategic gambler. You aren’t yelling in excitement when you win a bet. Rather, you’re cool, calm, and collected, but give the table a shock when you come out of the shadows and take all the winnings for yourself. 


Jack & Coke

The Jack & Coke is an American staple for Tennessee whiskey fans. While the smokey charcoal flavor of whiskey is prevalent within this free casino drink, the sweet, bubbly taste of Coke softens its flavor palette to make it more mild. If you find yourself sipping on this southern beverage as you gamble, you’re in it for the long haul. 

You enjoy sitting at a table for hours at a time and aren’t looking to lower your chances of winning big by getting tipsy. Even though you take the game seriously, you still like to have fun while you’re there and enjoy socializing.


Bartender Creating Old Fashioned Casino Cocktails


Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is a casino cocktail with an extremely fancy reputation. You won’t catch someone at the $1 slot machines with this drink in their hand. Its slightly sweet taste is dominated by the smooth whiskey within it, making it strong, masculine, and rich. 

If you’re an Old Fashioned fan, you’re a bold gambler who loves High Limit rooms and betting big to win big. Fellow gamblers aspire to be you and admire your classy demeanor and smooth moves. Just as the drink is rich in flavor, you play like you’re rich (and maybe you are). 



The Mojito is best known for its refreshing quality and minty taste, making it the perfect casino cocktail to cool you down during intense gaming. Even though it’s made with rum, the Mojito isn’t an overwhelmingly boozy drink. With the proper ratio of ingredients, it’s meant to be more light and flavorful than strong. 

If this is your favorite free casino drink, you’re all about fun and playing for sport. While you obviously want to walk away with big money, you’re not the serious gambler type that’s always strategizing. You love the thrill of trying your luck and enjoy the game just as much as the outcome.


Bartender Making Martini Casino Cocktails



The Martini is yet another free casino drink that epitomizes class. Most popularly known as James Bond’s drink of choice, the Martini is made for those with a sophisticated, strong palette. Whether you order it with vodka or gin, this casino cocktail is made almost entirely of pure alcohol. 

If you’re often seen with a Martini glass in hand, you’re most likely a wild card. Just as the drink is bold, you are too. Your mood can change at the drop of a hat, leading to unexpected moves. Sometimes you feel like betting it all on red, whereas other times you choose to walk away with what you have.  



While champagne may not be classified as a cocktail, it’s just as popular when it comes to free casino drinks. This bubbly, sparkling wine is found in a wide variety of flavors (depending on dryness) and can range from super sweet to extra bitter. 

If an elegant glass of champagne is your style while gambling, you’re unpredictable. Sparkling wine is the celebration drink and that’s your mood when you hit the tables. You bring a positive, fun energy to the room and take the game for what it is, luck. In the spirit of adventure, you may make some risky moves, but you never let the result ruin your party.


Beer on Tap for Free Casino Drink



Beer is a versatile beverage that not only works for casual occasions like BBQs, but also for gambling in the casinos. With a wide flavor profile of lights, darks, IPAs, and more, beer can satisfy almost any taste palette. 

If a tall, frosty glass of brew is the way to your heart during your time at the casino, you’re in it to win it, no matter how long it takes. You have a competitive personality at the tables and are determined to leave the casino with heavier pockets than when you walked in. You prefer to keep your bets low and stay away from the High Limits room. While you may not be daring enough to bet it all at once, your long game is quite impressive. 



Straight whiskey drinks are not for the faint of heart, but definitely fall into the category of most ordered casino drinks. Spicy, smoky, fruity, and nutty are just a few flavor profiles this free casino drink has to offer. Whether you order it on the rocks or neat, this beverage is rugged and classic.

If a strong glass of whiskey is mandatory when you gamble, you’re a relaxed, but committed player. Keep all jokes and light-hearted gamblers far away because you mean business. You might get a little heated when the odds aren’t in your favor, but never lose your cool too much. On occasion, you visit the High Limits room, but mostly stick to normal table games and even slot machines. While you know luck is the name of the game, you incorporate strategy to tip the scales in your favor.


Whether you realize it or not, your signature drink says a lot about you and your gambling style. Next time you feel like sipping on a cool mojito or classic old fashioned, make your way to the D. We know free drinks at casinos are nice, but it doesn’t hurt to also check out the stellar cocktails at all of our Downtown Las Vegas bars. Great drinks, dancing dealers, a competitive rewards program, and high-energy games make our casino one of the best in Las Vegas.