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What to Expect for Your First Time in a Vegas Casino

Woman Enjoying First Time in Casino in Las Vegas

From the iconic neon lights to the sound of slot machines, Las Vegas casinos have been captivating audiences for decades. You’ve seen it in the movies, heard about it from friends, and dreamt of hitting the jackpot. But will the real thing live up to the hype? If you’re a first-timer, get ready to leave your expectations at the door and discover the thrilling and unforgettable experience of a Vegas casino!  But before you start laying down chips at the blackjack table or running around the casino lobby, there are a few things all newcomers should know. Keep reading to learn our tips for your first visit to a Las Vegas casino.


Know that Las Vegas Casinos are MASSIVE


Las Vegas casinos are massive and offer a lot to explore, even if you don’t consider yourself much of a gambler! It is easy to get lost amidst all the people, lights, and sounds – so make sure to stay with your group or decide on a meeting spot before hitting the town. Remember, most casinos are connected throughout The Strip, making it easy to lose track of where you are. With so much to see, do, drink, and play, there’s never a dull moment in Las Vegas. No matter where you turn, there is always something happening.

The energetic environment of Vegas casinos can be exhilarating! From impersonators, dancers, travelers, and more, get ready to meet people you never thought you would and experience things you wouldn’t even dream of in your wildest dreams. The crowds can get rowdy sometimes but don’t worry, all of Las Vegas casinos have security at all times to ensure it is always a safe and a fun time!


Dress to Impress – Or Not


With no formal dress code required, people can dress as they please, no matter how fancy or casual. Wear your most elegant pieces to make an impression on the casino floor, or step right out of the hotel pool in your swimsuit and flip-flops. You will likely see both preferences side by side in Vegas!

Back in the day, people used to wear tuxedos and gowns at gambling tables, but in the present day, most people dress for comfort – especially given the crazy Vegas heat. Our top tip is to wear comfortable shoes. In these massive casinos, be ready to get your steps in for the day!


Friends Having Fun Time in Las Vegas Casino


Plan Ahead and Set a Budget


Whether you’re visiting to hit the blackjack tables, or spending most of your time enjoying the entertainment, setting aside a daily budget is a great way to avoid overspending! Decide how much money you’re willing to spend on each activity daily and stick to it. It is easy to get excited and get carried away with all the fun going on around you, so set aside your allowance and only gamble what you’re comfortable losing. Your future self will thank you.


Bring Your ID!


At the top of your Vegas checklist should be your ID. There is nothing worse than forgetting your ID at the #1 spot for drinks. An ID is required at all bars and casinos in Vegas so expect to get carded constantly, no matter your age. Remember, you must be 21 or older to gamble at any casino. Anyone under 21 can walk through the casino floor as long as they are accompanied by an adult 21 or older. 


Keep an Eye on Your Belongings


It can get crowded in a casino, so keep your belongings close to you and be aware of your surroundings. Never leave your wallet, purse, or drink unattended at the counter. With so many people around, it’s easy to lose sight of things and even harder to find lost items. It helps if you bring a small bag to hold essentials, but don’t bring anything too big that will make it hard to place anywhere.


You Don’t Need to Gamble to Have Fun


You don’t need to consider yourself much of a gambler to enjoy some games and have tons of casino fun! For those who don’t want to gamble, watching games is always an option! No one is required to play. Plus, gambling is not the only attraction at the casino, there are so many other activities taking place all over the Strip! Magic shows, events, world-class entertainment, roller coaster thrills, and so much more. Take a break and enjoy some of these other activities around the casino.


Enjoy a Drink on the House


It’s no myth that Vegas casinos offer free drinks. As long as you stay at your table or slot machine, and continue playing, servers will come around and keep pouring your drink, free of charge! While you won’t be getting carefully-crafted cocktails that you order at Vegas bars, you can still enjoy a beer, glass of wine, or a simple cocktail to keep your time in the casino even more fun. Don’t forget to tip your server. 


Woman Winning During First Time in Casino in Vegas


Being a Beginner in Vegas is No Problem! 


Never played at a casino? No problem! Beginner tables are available for new players to experience the fun of gambling while they learn. Starting off with one game is a smart move. By familiarizing yourself with the rules of one game, you can then start to learn others. Pick a game that catches your interest and start researching the gameplay online before you visit the casino. Dealers and casino employees are also there to help you and can show you the basics of each game or answer any questions you may have. 

No one should feel left out at the casino! Sports betting is also an easy way for sports fans to join in on the fun. And if table games aren’t your thing, slot machines are incredibly easy to learn! If you still feel intimidated by the casino floor, order yourself a copy of the American Casino Guide, a trusted resource for those looking to learn more about casino gambling.


Gambling Can be Cheaper than You Think


Las Vegas is a place where dreams come true, especially for casino enthusiasts! With many more perks to gambling than anywhere else, you can save and earn BIG. Take advantage of promotions online and reward programs. Many casinos offer loyalty programs that can earn you rewards like free drinks or hotel stays. Earn casino points by dining, shopping, and playing at any participating property and get comps in the future.


Always Cash Out Before Leaving the Casino


Many beginners get swept up off their feet by all the excitement, they forget to cash out their earnings. Don’t be that person who brings home a casino credit ticket and never remembers to cash out their winnings! It’s also safe to cash out once you hit a certain limit since walking around with a pocket full of chips or tickets makes it easy to get lost or stolen in the crowds. 


There you have it, everything you can expect from your first visit to a Las Vegas Casino. Remember to have fun and not take yourself too seriously! A trip to a Las Vegas casino is an unforgettable experience, so make the most of it! With casino tips for first-timers, we hope you have a great time without feeling intimidated. Be sure to stop by the D Casino, and book a hotel room while you’re at it!