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Should You Rent a Car in Las Vegas?

Couple Using Rental Car in Las Vegas

There are a lot of ways to get around Las Vegas, from rideshares to trams. So, do you need a rental car? While the city alone is a magical place, there is a lot more to explore than just the twinkling lights of Downtown Las Vegas and the Strip. Having a rental car can open up a lot of new opportunities for you to explore the area and have more freedom to move about. Learn more about why having a car can make your trip even better, and how to maximize your rental car use to have the best trip driving in Las Vegas!


Pros & Cons of Car Rentals in Las Vegas


  • Pro: Freedom to explore more destinations outside of the city
  • Pro: Being able to easily travel to the city if not staying on the main stretch
  • Pro: Easy transportation for work trips or conventions
  • Pro: More opportunities to sightsee
  • Pro: Feeling more like a local


  • Con: Parking fees and gas
  • Con: Driving through traffic
  • Con: Not needed if staying in the heart of the city
  • Con: Inconvenient parking options
  • Con: More expensive than some other forms of transportation


Couple Driving in Las Vegas with Rental Car


Things to Consider when Renting a Car in Vegas


Driving in Las Vegas

Though Las Vegas Blvd might be a little congested, driving in Las Vegas can be a breeze outside of the busy parts of the city. With the 15, 95, 215, and 515 nearby, you can easily hop on the highway to get to other destinations, whether you’re driving through Summerlin or taking a day trip to Lake Mead. The highways can pick up with rush hour traffic on weekends during regular work commute times, but it typically isn’t too bad the rest of the day. And just like any busy city, keep an eye out for pedestrians or other vehicles when driving down Las Vegas Blvd.


Parking in Las Vegas

People often get around the city on foot or in rideshares, but Vegas is pretty well prepared for those with cars. Most hotels and casinos will have parking garages with ample space to park your rental car – but often with a cost. Some spots validate parking if you’re staying at the location, dining at a restaurant, or visiting the casino, but not all do. Research the parking garages you might be using and plan to pay a little for parking. If you’re visiting neighboring areas, you will be more likely to find free parking or metered parking.


Where You’re Staying

Depending on where you stay and what you’re doing, you might not need a rental car in Vegas. If you’re staying in the city and mostly staying in Downtown Las Vegas and the Strip, other forms of transportation might be the best option. However, if you are staying on the outskirts of town or have plans outside of the city, a rental car is a great option instead of relying on rideshare or public transportation. If you’re going more than 10 miles away multiple times during your stay, a Vegas rental car can give you freedom to do so.


Woman with Las Vegas Rental Car Visiting Mt Charleston


Other Destinations

Are you in Vegas for business and need to visit multiple places in the area? Or maybe staying nearby for a conference? Maybe you have fun plans to take a hike in Red Rock Canyon, camp near Mount Charleston, drive to see some of the Grand Canyon, or see some cool desert art? Then renting a car in Las Vegas is probably the best option for you. Especially for outdoorsy adventures, having the ability to drive wherever and whenever you want while storing gear in your car can ensure you get the most out of your out-of-Vegas plans.


Other Transportation Options

As mentioned before, having a rental car in Vegas is a great idea if you’re planning to travel around to more spots outside of the main stretch of the city. But if you’re just staying downtown or on the Strip, your rental car may just sit in a parking garage your whole trip. For those staying in the city, you can easily get around town for a fraction of the cost by using rideshare, taxis, trams, airport shuttles, and ziplines (okay, that might just be to get you from one end of Fremont Street to the other). Plan out your activities to see if a rental car is required or not.


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