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What to Know Before Gambling in Vegas for the First Time

People Gambling in Vegas at Roulette Table

Gambling at casinos across the country can give you a taste of what the fuss is all about, but if you’re planning on gambling in Vegas, you’re jumping into the big leagues. Every hotel has endless rows of slot machines and tables, which can be quite overwhelming for first timers. Here are the main points you need to know before gambling in Vegas. Follow these and you’ll be a pro as soon as you hit the casino floor. And once your ready, take our quiz here to learn which ideal Vegas casino game is the right match for you!


First-Time Vegas Gambling Tips


Don’t be Intimidated

This may seem like an obvious, even unnecessary piece of advice, but you’ll see for yourself why this is important when you step foot in Vegas casinos. The bright lights and abundance of gamblers sitting at tables can send you running to the clubs to spend money instead of giving it a shot. People appear to know exactly what they’re doing, but that isn’t really the case. There are plenty of players who are completely unaware of how to strategically gamble and are losing money as you stare at them. Don’t be intimidated by all the hoopla, just jump in and have fun.


Learn the Games You Want to Play

One step that will surely lessen your anxiety once you sit down at a table or slot machine to gamble is knowing how to play. Prepare yourself before you even leave for your trip by playing with friends in a non-stressful environment. Research strategies and tips for each game you’re interested in and that way, you’ll feel confident once you’re betting on the real thing.


Limit Your Losses

While all of these tips are good to put into practice, limiting your losses is arguably the most crucial one of all. The thrill of gambling can be so addicting that you are tempted to play past what your bank account is equipped for. Because of this, you must go in knowing your limits. Set a strict budget and stick to it. Never gamble with borrowed money, and don’t try to make up for you losses by continuing to play because that most likely will end in more losses. The whole point is to have fun, so don’t spoil it by getting carried away.


People Playing at Row of Las Vegas Slot Machines


Get Your Freebies

If you’re gambling in Vegas, there’s a huge chance there will be free drinks, snacks and rewards programs you can take advantage of. First, let’s address the rewards programs. For most casinos, you can take a few minutes to sign up for a rewards program that allows you to receive exclusive perks. Depending on how much you spend, you can earn free nights in the casino’s hotel, complimentary meals, and bonus chips for more play. Why not snag a few of these free perks if you’re already planning on spending money anyway?

In addition to the rewards programs, there are also free snacks and drinks given out while you play. This benefits the casino because it entices people to gamble longer, but it’s also great for you too. If you choose to indulge, make sure you tip the waitresses to get better service throughout your stay.


Know and Follow Casino Etiquette 

Last but not least, ensure that your experience gambling in Vegas goes off without a hitch by following basic casino etiquette. If you haven’t already noticed at other casinos, there are specific dos and don’ts of the trade that will either make you look like a professional or a complete jerk if not followed. Here are a few to keep in mind:


Skip the Photos

Most casinos don’t take kindly to people snapping photos of the gaming floor, even if you just hit a huge jackpot. Avoid getting scolded by security and save the selfies for your other Vegas adventures.


Turn off Your Phone

You shouldn’t have a problem with selfies to begin with because it’s actually casino etiquette to turn your phone off and not take it out during play. It’s considered rude and distracting to the other players trying to focus. If having your phone off seems excessive, make sure to at least silence it. Kindly step away from the table momentarily if you need to use it.


Hand Pointing at Chips on Las Vegas Roulette Table


Handle Your Chips

For certain games like roulette, the dealer will give you different colored chips than everyone else. Remember your color and where you need to place them on the table for a bet. Never move, or remove, chips during a spin of the roulette or hand of blackjack, and definitely don’t touch other players’ chips.


Dress Properly

Make sure to research dress codes before arriving at each casino because they have different standards. Casual dress is okay for most, but some require cocktail dresses and collared shirts. To save yourself a trip back to your hotel room, dress up instead of down if you have any concerns about the dress code.


Always Tip

Just like you tip your server at a bar or restaurant, don’t forget to tip your dealer. A basic guideline is at least $5 per hour, or half your minimum bet every hour. Tip with chips, not cash and you’ll be treated well at the tables you choose to play at. Plus, some people consider tipping a good luck charm.

After running through these Vegas gambling tips, you should be ready to sit down at any table or slot machine with confidence. Just remember that common courtesy is the best practice, so keep that in mind and your experience gambling in Vegas will be amazing. Visit the D Las Vegas for the best lodging, restaurants, and gambling during your trip!