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Things to Do While Spending a Week in Las Vegas

Woman with Suitcase Traveling for a Week in Vegas

A week in Las Vegas might sound like a lot to some, but if you pace yourself, a week in Vegas can be an amazing time. There is so much to do in this city that filling a week with things to do is a pretty easy task. Exploring the food scene, taking a day trip, and spending your days by the pool are just a few things to look forward to with a 5-7 day Las Vegas itinerary. See how to plan the best week in Vegas!


Explore the Food Scene


A week in Vegas means a week of trying as much delicious food as you can. If you’re a foodie, you’re in luck, because Las Vegas is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. If you’re staying in Vegas for a week, you might not have a hotel room with a kitchen in it, which makes it the perfect opportunity to try out new spots for every meal. You could simply eat in Downtown Las Vegas and be set for the whole week!

For breakfast, you can start your day with places like Bacon Nation, Hash House A Go Go, and 7th and Carson. For lunch, head over to great midday spots like Saginaw’s Delicatessen, American Coney Island, and Victory Burger. Finally, for dinner, try spots like Andiamo Steakhouse, 8 East, and Project BBQ. With a mix of flavors and options, you’ll never get bored with eating during your week in Vegas.


Go Bar Hopping


Many people say a weekend in Vegas is enough, and that’s probably because they’re going out and partying every night. When you’re staying in town for a week, it’s best to pace yourself – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still go out and have fun. Just like the restaurants, there are plenty of bars to try out throughout your visit. To pace yourself, try to stick to 2-3 bars (or even just 1-2) a day so you aren’t too burnt out to enjoy the rest of your trip. There are quite a few types of bars to choose from – flair bars on Fremont Street like D Bar, rooftop bars that overlook the city like Legacy Club, sports bars with great beer selections like BarCanada®, and the good ol’ casino and pool bars.


Friends Enjoying Pool at Circa Stadium Swim®


Enjoy the Pool


Some vacations call for lounging by the pool every day, and Vegas is definitely the place to do just that. Our pools are even great for more than just lounging – they’re also perfect for partying and even watching sports. At the D pool, you can relax poolside. But if you’re looking for a little more action, head to Circa Stadium Swim® where you can watch your favorite teams play on the jumbo screen while hanging out in one of the six pools. If your week-long trip to Vegas happens in the cooler months, Stadium Swim is even open in the winter with heated pools and special winter events! When staying at the D, you can get two guest passes a day to enjoy Stadium Swim.


Hit the Casino


The casino is one of the most iconic spots to visit in Vegas. Even if you’re only in Vegas for a layover at the airport, you won’t miss the slot machines in your terminal. But with a whole week to work with, you’ll be able to try out as many games as you like. One day, try the table games and slots. Day two, head to a high limit gaming room. Day three, find unique games like the Sigma Derby to add a little flair to your betting. Day four, mix it up by heading to the sportsbook and placing bets on your favorite teams. Use the rest of your week to return to your favorite games. Just be sure to budget for the casino – betting for a week can add up pretty quickly!


Couple Walking Between Downtown Las Vegas Resorts


Check Out the Resorts


One of the best ways to see and do a lot in Vegas in a week is by taking your time to explore the resorts around town. Each has its own flair while providing exciting experiences for visitors. On top of housing many of the restaurants, bars, pools, casinos, shows, and shops in town, keep your eye out for unique things you can only find in Vegas – like the largest sportsbook in the world, shark tanks, volcano shows, and more. One of the best things about the city is how connected it is, so you can easily walk between resorts on The Strip or explore Fremont Street and the hotels in Downtown Las Vegas.


Take a Day Trip


There is so much to do in Las Vegas that you can easily just stay in the city for a week. But with your extra time, why not take a day trip? If you didn’t drive into Vegas, renting a car for a day or two can help you get around to some really interesting spots outside of the city. Whether you want to drive less than an hour to places like Red Rock Canyon or Mount Charleston or want to do a longer road trip and drive a few hours to places like Zion National Park or the Grand Canyon, there is so much to explore and see. Just be sure to double check the weather at other destinations, as they might differ from the weather in Vegas.


As you’re planning your week in Vegas, keep these activities in mind. But most importantly, don’t forget to book a place to stay! The rooms and suites at the D Las Vegas are perfect for your week-long stay, outfitted with comfortable beds and high-quality bath products. Being away from home for a week can feel like a long time, so Some say a weekend is enough time in Vegas, but we disagree. See all the great things you can do with a whole week in Las Vegas and enjoy it to the fullest! at the D for your ideal home away from home!