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12 Things You Need to Order from Las Vegas Menus

Las Vegas Christmas Dinner at Andiamo Steakhouse

As if deciding where to eat in Las Vegas wasn’t hard enough, you also have to consider all the delicious menu items once you finally choose where to go. With so many food and drink options in Las Vegas, it can become difficult to choose just a few things. The good news is: with the amount of kitchen talent in this city, it’s hard to go wrong. The other good news: we’ve picked some of our favorite items to help make the decision a bit easier when it comes to meal time, read on to see 12 of the best things to order from Las Vegas menus!


What and Where to Eat in Las Vegas


American Special | American Coney Island

Starting off the list is a simple classic, great for any time that comfort food craving hits (especially tasty after a night out). American Coney Island was the creator of the famous Coney Island hotdog, and now you can get it 24/7 in Vegas topped with loose burger, chili, mustard, and onions. Don’t forget a side of fries!


Calamari Fritti | Andiamo Steakhouse

Andiamo Steakhouse combines the flavors of delicious Italian dining with high quality steakhouse meals. If you’re having a hard time deciding on an appetizer (there are a lot of great options!), look no further than their signature calamari fritti that’s flash fried with banana peppers and ammoglio sauce – the perfect way to start your meal.


Lobster Ravioli | Andiamo Steakhouse

Lobster ravioli with roasted tomatoes and brandy cream sauce. Nine words. Need we say any more? This decadent dish is a simple blend of three delicious flavors, making for a complex meal that will make you feel comforted and indulgent at the same time. Cut the richness with a bottle of chardonnay for a nicely balanced dish.


Tomahawk Steak | Andiamo Steakhouse

If you’re going to Andiamo and are in more of a land mood than a sea mood, then save up your appetite for one of the most incredible steaks you’ve seen. This 32 ounce rib eye steak is charbroiled to perfection, and is best enjoyed with an order of an old fashioned or a delicious bottle of red wine.


Bacon from Bacon Nation Las Vegas Menu


Bacon Bloody Mary | Bacon Nation

Hear us out: a bloody Mary isn’t a food item, but there’s some bacon in this one, so it counts. The recently opened restaurant at the D, Bacon Nation puts its own interesting spin on the classic brunch drink. The fun ingredient? The housemade bacon vodka that really shines in this bacon-centric restaurant.


Bacon Flight | Bacon Nation

Are you a big fan of bacon, and can’t choose just one type? Bacon Nation’s honey-cured, thick-cut bacon flight will let you taste a range of flavors such as lemon pepper, black pepper, honey sriracha, barbeque, jalapeño, buffalo, tajin, black truffle, mango habanero, everything bagel, chocolate dipped, and more.


Bacon, Peanut, and Banana French Toast Box | Bacon Nation

French toast, caramelized bananas, peanut butter mousse, and a peanut butter rum sauce. Is there any other way to start your day? Or, at Bacon Nation, you can enjoy brunch 24/7. Las Vegas icon Elvis would be jealous of this delicious meal fit for The King.


Fettuccine Alfredo Bone Marrow Luge | Barry’s Downtown Prime

Leave it to a steakhouse to make a food luge a classy affair. At Barry’s Downtown Prime, have one of the most unique and delicious appetizers that is made up of a bone marrow luge atop a plate of fettuccine alfredo topped with parmesan reggiano, truffle butter, and Madeira wine.


GArbage Bowl from Project BBQ Food Truck in Las Vegas


Garbage Bowl | Project BBQ

Don’t let the name fool you, this dish is everything BUT garbage. If you’re enjoying Fremont Street and see the Project BBQ food truck, order the signature Garbage Bowl – handmade potato chips smothered in smoked meats, coleslaw, bacon, and a trio of Carolina BBQ, beer and cheese sauces.


Derek’s Favorite Sandwich | Saginaw’s Delicatessen

In Downtown Las Vegas (and Las Vegas as a whole!) Derek Stevens is a bit of a local celebrity with his hotels the D, Golden Gate, and Circa Las Vegas. In his honor, stop by Saginaw’s Delicatessen to try his favorite sandwich: succulent roast beef, salami, tomato, mayo, and Las Vegas Gold mustard grilled on rye.


Hangover Burger | Victory Burger

A half-pound burger piled high with waffle fries, cheddar cheese, thick-cut bacon, caramelized onions, crispy onion straws, creamy blanco cheese, boom boom sauce, and a decadent egg on top. A mouthful in many ways, this burger is one of our favorite ways to nurse a hangover after a long night out in Vegas!


Brisket Fried Rice | 8 East

If you’ve been on Twitter, you might have heard some buzz about this delicious fried rice, and it definitely deserves the recognition. The meal is simple, but maybe one of the most delicious menu items in Las Vegas: beef brisket stir fried with garlic, egg, 8 East sauce, and yellow and green onion.


Figuring out what to eat in Las Vegas can seem like a big task, but it’s one of the best problems to have. Try these items from some of the best Las Vegas menus to find your next favorite meal. You might find something else on these menus that pique your interest even more once you’ve decided where to eat in Vegas! No matter what you choose, this city is one of the best spots for foodies, and the choices are growing almost every day. You obviously have a lot of restaurants to visit, so why not book a room at the D to sleep off that food coma?