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Las Vegas Seasons: When is the Best Time to Visit Las Vegas?

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign at Sunset

We think Vegas is perfect year-round, but certain seasons might fit your travel style better than others. Do you prefer hot or cold? What kind of activities do you want to do? Are you looking for busy season, or do you want it to be quiet? All of these factor into choosing the best time to visit Las Vegas for you. See the monthly weather and compare the different Las Vegas seasons to determine when you should plan your next trip!


Las Vegas Monthly Weather

  • January: High 59° | Low 28° | 2 days rain
  • February: High 66° | Low 33° | 2 days rain
  • March: High 72° | Low 39° | 2 days rain
  • April: High 81° | Low 45° | 1 day rain
  • May: High 90° | Low 53° | 0 days rain
  • June: High 102° | Low 61°| 0 days rain
  • July: High 107° | Low 67° | 1 day rain
  • August: High 104° | Low 66° | 1 day rain
  • September: High 96° | Low 57° | 1 day rain
  • October: High 83° | Low 46° | 1 day rain
  • November: High 70° | Low 35° | 1 day rain
  • December: High 60° | Low 27° | 1 day rain


Which of the Las Vegas Seasons is Best for You?


The best time to visit Las Vegas is whenever it meets your preferences! One of the greatest things about Vegas is the desert weather, meaning we have minimal rain and a range of temperatures throughout the year suited for those who prefer the more mild winter weather or the hotter summer days.

For those who prefer bundling up, our winters are mild with pleasant daytime temperatures and colder nighttime temperatures that allow you to dress warmly. If you like warmer springs, it’s a perfect time to visit Vegas when the heat is increasing but the weather is still perfect for spending longer periods of time outdoors. In the summer, we have that famous “dry heat” for people who crave the sun (or for people who enjoy the A/C in the hotels and casinos). And finally, fall in Las Vegas is a pleasant time of year perfect for outdoor activities during the day and light jackets at night.


Woman Hiking Red Rock Canyon Near Vegas in Winter


Winter in Las Vegas


General Weather

Vegas has a reputation for their hot weather, but in the winter it cools down quite a bit! Temperatures in the winter range from 60° to 27°. Snow is pretty unusual in the Las Vegas winter season, but it is certainly possible. If you’re planning on visiting Vegas, make sure to pack a coat! 


Things to Do

Just because the weather gets colder doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit! With smaller crowds in the winter, that means there’s more availability to do whatever you like during your visit.

Winter in Vegas is always a great opportunity to go hiking without the blistering heat of summer. If it’s too cold outside, try a class or a workshop and take up a new skill! If you’re looking for some classic Vegas fun, visit the casino. As always, dining is an experience of its own in Las Vegas. Take advantage of the smaller crowds and reserve a table at that restaurant that always seems to be booked. Winter is a great time to visit Las Vegas if it’s going to be your first time in a casino. Here are some tips and tricks if it’s your first casino visit. 


Happy Woman in Las Vegas in Spring


Spring in Las Vegas


General Weather

Spring is when Vegas starts to get hot! Temperatures range from 102° during the day and can sometimes drop to 39° at night. It gets hot pretty fast in Vegas, but the cooler temperatures at night make sure it stays comfortable and temperate. 


Things to Do

You know what happens in the Spring? Spring Break! Plan your spring break trip to Vegas as spring is one of the best times to visit Las Vegas. Temperatures are comfortable, but warm weather events and outdoor activities are firing up again. 

Whether you’re visiting for Spring Break or for any other reason, Las Vegas is still beautiful in the Spring. It’s a great time to explore all that the city has to offer during the day and enjoy a trip to the pool. Visit a pool club for drinks, music, and definitely a wild time. 


Friends in Pool in Las Vegas in Summer


Summer in Las Vegas


General Weather

Summer in Las Vegas can be very hot and very dry. Temperatures range from 107° during the day to 61° at night. Summer gets very little rain, so don’t worry too much about packing an umbrella, unless you want it for shade. However, while daily summer rain isn’t common, monsoon season does hit the city from late June to September – so don’t be surprised if a bout of heavy rain keeps you inside for a bit. Hotels and casinos will blast the air conditioning to cool you off, so they’ve got you covered indoors. The cooler nights make the early mornings and late nights even better and this is a great time to get outside and enjoy the cooler temperatures. 


Things to Do

Cool off at the pool! Vegas has dozens of pools to visit, many of which offer chaise lounges, day beds, and cabanas with drink service. Cabanas will help to keep you out of the sun and give you some shade, but every pool will have umbrellas to help you cool off! Even better, grab a refreshing drink from the bar and sip on it poolside. Circa Stadium Swim® at Circa Resort & Casino is a great place to cool off and make sure that summer is the best time to visit Las Vegas. Swim up to the bar and order a refreshing drink, then bring it back to your lounge and relax in the shade. 

Summer is also a great time to go out at night! Since Vegas is located in the desert, it cools down at night to comfortable temperatures in the 70°s. For a late night bite, visit Project BBQ for something delicious in the open air. Enjoy the late night scene and live music on Fremont Street while munching on some delicious Carolina barbecue. In the mood for a drink? Bars all over downtown have outdoor patios that you can enjoy in the open air after the sun goes down. 


Woman Visiting Las Vegas in the Fall


Fall in Las Vegas


General Weather

Weather in Las Vegas in the Fall is perfect. Temperatures range from 96° during the warmest of days and 35° on the coldest of nights. But most fall days lie somewhere in between. Crowds also start to thin out during the fall, which makes this a great time to visit Las Vegas. 


Things to Do

If you’re looking to explore the outdoors while you’re in town, Fall is the best time to visit Las Vegas. Hiking is a great way to enjoy the perfect fall weather and take in the beauty of the city’s natural surroundings. The trails near Vegas are beautiful and there is a range of difficulty level and length of the hike. Fall is also a great time to explore the outdoor dining and bars in the city. Did someone say brunch?


No matter what time of year you visit Las Vegas, you’re sure to have an amazing trip. From amazing restaurants to dayclubs at the pool, there’s no shortage of things to do no matter the weather. Book a room at the D today to experience the magic that Downtown Las Vegas has to offer.