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Las Vegas Casino Etiquette: 9 Dos and Don’ts

People Playing Black Jack in Las Vegas Casino

You never want to be *that* guy in the casino. While the main goal of going to the casino is to have fun (and win money), there are rules to follow to make it an enjoyable experience for you, other visitors, and dealers. Follow these 9 dos and don’ts of Las Vegas casino etiquette and you’ll be gambling like a professional the next time you feel like testing your luck!


Casino Etiquette: Dos


Tip Your Dealer 

Just like it’s expected that you tip your server after dining at a restaurant, it’s proper casino etiquette to tip your dealer when you leave the table. This rule is especially important if you plan on returning back to that dealer’s table. They can’t kick you out because you didn’t leave a tip, but to keep the atmosphere friendly and light, it’s a good idea to be generous. Leaving $1 on every small win or $5-10 when you leave the table is usually acceptable.


Dress Properly

While dress codes depend on which casino you’re gambling at, a general casino tip is to dress up not down (especially if you haven’t done your research). If your attire is beachy casual with flip flops, you’ll want to spend the extra few minutes to check with the casino prior to your visit or risk having to go back to your hotel to change.

One other casino tip to remember is that most casinos accept casual dress during the day, so take advantage by busting out your jean shorts and tanks during that time. Night time gambling often transitions into a classy and fancy vibe, so always make sure you plan ahead.


Understand the Rules BEFORE You Sit Down

Although some dealers and players might be patient enough to explain the rules to a beginner, it’s best casino etiquette to understand the rules of a game before you sit down at a table. It helps make the experience more fun for all parties involved and takes the stress off of you being worried about your next move.


Stack of Chips for Cashing Out in Casino


Cash Out with Big Denominations

When you’re getting ready to cash out, give the dealer neat stacks of chips and let them count and change them in.

Dealers prefer for you to trade in smaller denominations of chips for large ones, so show your gambling expertise by following this casino tip. Make sure to exchange your chips in between hands and not during a play.


Know Your Hand Signals

For some casino games (especially blackjack), you need to use hand signals to show how you want to play your cards. Know these signals by heart because verbal instructions aren’t enough. Otherwise, it will get quite frustrating when the dealer has to repeatedly explain them to you over and over. Here are the hand signals you must know when the cards are dealt face up.

  • Hit: Tap the table.
  • Stand: Wave your hand, palm open, parallel to the table.
  • Double/Split: Place your matching bet next to, never on top of, your original bet. If you have two fours or two fives, you should hold up one finger if you are doubling, and two fingers if you are splitting.

These are the hand signals to use when the cards are dealt face down.

  • Hit: Lightly scrape the corner of the cards against the felt.
  • Stand: Slide your cards under your bet. Do not lift your chips in the process.
  • Double/Split: Place your cards face up on the table, just above your bet. Then place your matching bet next to your original bet. If you have two fours or two fives, you should hold up one finger if you are doubling, and two fingers if you are splitting.


Woman Playing Poker in Las Vegas Casino


Casino Etiquette: Don’ts


Don’t Mess with Your Phone

One huge casino tip that’s important to follow involves cell phones. Even though it may be tempting to text, talk, or take photos while you’re gambling, just don’t. Avoid the temptation by turning off your phone or putting it away. The reason behind this particular casino etiquette rule is that using your phone is considered distracting and rude. Gambling requires strategy and thinking, so adding unnecessary distractions just isn’t cool.


Don’t Ask the Dealer for Advice

This casino tip relates back to understanding the rules of a game before sitting down. You should gamble with confidence and asking the dealer for advice is not the way to go. It puts the dealer in an awkward situation because their advice doesn’t guarantee an automatic win. If you follow it and lose, the situation can get a little weird. The best casino etiquette is to make your own decisions and deal with the outcome.


Don’t Get Sloppy Drunk

Save the hardcore drinking for the clubs and don’t get sloppy drunk at the casinos. It’s a bad look for you and isn’t fun for the other players at your table. Keep your gambling experience relaxing and drama-free by drinking responsibly.


Don’t Break Card Etiquette

There are a lot of different rules when it comes to handling your cards during a game. Here a few you don’t want to break or else you’ll face a sharp scolding.

  • If the cards are dealt face down, touch your cards with one hand only
  • Be gentle with the cards; don’t bend them or put drinks on them.
  • In some games the cards are dealt face up. If this is the case, never touch your cards.

If you follow these casino tips on proper casino etiquette, rest assured your future Las Vegas gambling experience will be fun and stress free. Plan your next trip to Vegas and book your stay at the D Las Vegas to relax in the most comfortable setting in between your trips to the casinos.