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Remote Work Tips to ‘Work from Hotel’ in Las Vegas

Man Taking Business Call Working from Hotel Room

Whether you’re traveling for business or need to squeeze in a few hours of work on vacation, working from a hotel can come with a lot of distractions. That being said, it is entirely possible to put in some productive hours while still enjoying your stay. Here are some remote work tips for making the most out of your hotel room. 


Pick the Right Room 


Different rooms offer different features, and if you’re going to be working from your hotel, you’ll want to make sure you book a room to accommodate your work needs. Not all hotel rooms have a desk, so it’s a good idea to look at the room details before booking. A desk and a chair will make sure you’re more productive while working. If you’re traveling with family while you’re working, there are two-bedroom suites available that will make sure you can focus and take calls in private.

It’s also smart to check that you’ll be able to access high-speed internet from your hotel room, especially if you’ll be taking calls. Make sure to hang a “do not disturb” slip from your door if you need uninterrupted time in your room. 


Visit the Business Center


Most hotels offer a business center where you can access high-speed internet, use their available desks and phones, and often use hotel-provided computers. The hotel business center at the D offers a workstation, computer, and printer, all available to make your workday easier.

Using the hotel business center is also a great way to find a change of scenery in your work day. Moving around during your work day to a new location can be helpful in increasing productivity and focus. Many hotels also offer meeting and events space in case you need to hold a meeting while working from the hotel.


Coworkers on Trip Taking Break to Have Meal in Vegas


Take a Break!


Taking a break is one of the best remote work tips. A break can help you rest your mind so that when you come back to the task at hand, you’re ready to go. So get up from your desk, close your computer, and take a midday break.  To get moving, a great way to make the most of your break is to squeeze in a quick workout! Movement and exercise can drastically improve productivity and focus, and the flexibility of remote work makes it easy to make time for a little bit of exercise. Take advantage of your hotel’s fitness center and take 30 minutes of time for yourself. 

A great way to maximize your break? Grab a bite to eat! One of the best things about work from your hotel (especially in the culinary paradise that is Las Vegas) is that there are a number of dining options available to you either right in your hotel or just a short walk away! Las Vegas is home to a number of phenomenal restaurants that are sure to make your lunch break exciting and delicious. And if you’re working from the D, there are plenty of gems both in the hotel and out that will not disappoint. 


American Coney Island

For something quick and casual, visit American Coney Island at the D. Choose from a mouthwatering selection of hot dogs, burgers, and sandwiches that will satisfy any craving. Their fries are not to be missed. 


Zingerman’s Coffee Stand

Visit the Coffee Stand at the D for a coffee break and afternoon pick-me-up. Open 6am to 5pm, the coffee stand will be sure to energize and fuel the rest of your day. They serve delicious Zingerman’s Coffee as well as a variety of smoothies, pastries, and snacks. 


Project BBQ

For a delicious lunch that will get you on your feet for a quick walk, visit Project BBQ at the brand new Circa Resort & Casino. Project BBQ is the only permanent food truck in Las Vegas and they serve classic Carolina barbecue. Their menu features some barbecue classics that will most definitely spice up your work day.


Person Planning Hours While Doing Work from Hotel


Set Aside Some Hours


To stay on task and remain focused, set a schedule for yourself. If you’re working around a vacation schedule, block your mornings or afternoons for work and spend the rest of the day enjoying your visit. If you’re in Vegas for business, set aside some hours that don’t interfere with meetings to work from your hotel room or the hotel business center. 

Make sure you’re also setting aside some time to relax and unwind during your stay. After all, you’re staying in a hotel! Make it feel like vacation and take advantage of all the ways you can relax in Las Vegas. Some relaxation time will make working from your hotel all that much easier and much more enjoyable. 


Working from your hotel can be a fun way to switch up your normal work day. Make sure that you take advantage of the amenities available to you in order to maximize your stay and prioritize productivity. With these remote work tips, your day is sure to be enjoyable and productive. Most of all, enjoy your stay! Book a room at the D Las Vegas to have a comfortable Work From Hotel setup and access to both work and play.