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Big Game Bash: What to Expect from a Vegas Football Party

Football Players Playing in Big Game

Every year, we get excited about the big football game, the biggest in fact. This year’s Big Game is February 12th and it will be played in Glendale, Arizona between Kansas City and Philadelphia. It’s safe to say that Las Vegas will be celebrating the big game in typical Las Vegas fashion. If you’re watching the game for every single pass, the touchdowns, the halftime show, or the commercials, Vegas is sure to put on a big game football party like no other.

Whether you’re looking to plan your own Big Game bar crawl, a place to sit down and catch every pass, or a viewing party that feels like a giant tailgate, Vegas has you covered. And while this may not be the year for the Las Vegas Raiders to play the championship game, the city is sure to celebrate football with a party. From fun watch parties with tailgates and pool parties with giant screens, see how to spend your Big Game weekend in Vegas.


Las Vegas Big Game Events


the D

At the D, we take our sports seriously. This year, the D is offering a Big Game viewing party in the Detroit Ballroom. Attendees can enjoy Big Game man caves or game day packages for exclusive access to the D’s Big Game party with on-site betting plus unlimited stadium food and drinks. With 11,000 square feet of football party space and state-of-the-art sound, you’ll be right in the action.

The rooms at the D are great places for getting ready for your football events and pregaming, and a great place to take a break from the festivities if needed. As a part of your stay at the D, two guests (over 21) get free access to the Circa Stadium Swim® pool, which you won’t want to miss. While Stadium Swim will be throwing their own Big Game event, be sure to stop by during some point over the weekend to hang out with other football fans getting ready for the championship game.


Stadium Swim

As mentioned, Stadium Swim is hosting one of the best Big Game football parties in town. For a football viewing party like no other, reserve a spot at Circa’s Stadium Swim. With a number of options available, each reservation will keep the drinks coming and make sure you’ve got all the Big Game snacks you need with their Big Game Buffet. The six pools, heated to over 90° for some winter pool fun, will distinguish this watch party from the others. Oh, and there’s a 143-foot tall HD screen and booming game audio to make sure you catch every play.


Circa Sportsbook at Circa Las Vegas for Football Viewing


Circa Sportsbook

If you want to make sure you don’t miss a single play, visit Circa Resort & Casino to watch the Big Game from the world’s largest sportsbook. With a 3-story-tall sportsbook, every second of the game will be displayed on the massive high definition screen. You can reserve tables to watch the big football game in luxury. You can choose between a few viewing options, some with bottle service and food service. Circa will make sure your Big Game football party is an unforgettable experience.

Whether you make it to the sportsbook or not, Circa Squares is back for the Big Game! Circa Squares is like your traditional squares contest but a lot bigger and a lot better. With a $1 minimum bet and $100K max payout, Circa Squares gives you the ability to pick your own squares and bet on as many as you like, with each square having its own payoff odds.


Downtown Las Vegas Events Center

During the Big Game, the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center transforms into the biggest football party of the year. If you’re looking for that true tailgate feel, the Biggest Game Bash gets you in on the action with a massive stadium screen and state-of-the-art sound. Admission is free to the Downtown Watch Zone, and you’ll be able to buy some delicious food and drinks. You can also get competitive yourself with a game of beer pong! If you’d like to upgrade your experience, you can RSVP for a table or man cave at a beverage minimum.


Overhang Bar in Las Vegas for Football Viewing


Bars to Watch Football in Vegas



Spanning 100 feet across the entire floor of the D Las Vegas Casino, LONGBAR is a lively spot to catch the Big Game. Flat screen TVs along the entire bar and a sound system that helps you see and hear every call. Not to mention, they offer nine beers on tap and a cocktail menu like no other. The bar’s energy will make sure your football party is the best ever, taking it over the top with other fans while you cheer on your team. Have a seat at LONGBAR and order a drink, we’re sure you’ll have a great time, even if your team doesn’t win.


Overhang Bar

Placed conveniently above the largest sportsbook in the world, Overhang Bar offers a front-row seat for the sportsbook’s massive high-definition screen, this bar’s overhang ledge gives onlookers a bird’s eye view of the action of the Big Game below. With the party going on in the sportsbook below, Overhang Bar will be even more exciting as football fans cheer on their teams or grab a drink to get over a bad play. No matter why you’re grabbing a drink, you’ll have one of the best views of the game here.



Located on the first floor of Circa Resort & Casino, MEGA BAR spans 165 feet, making it the longest bar in Las Vegas. Behind the bar are 46 flat screen TVs, enough for any sports fan to catch all of the action, especially for the big football game. With 53 spots on the bar, plenty of standing room, and 120 beers on tap, MEGA BAR is a great place to camp out and catch all of the game day plays. Oh, and the bar is open 24/7, so the bar will be there for you whether your team wins or loses.


Whether you’re cheering on the Chiefs or the Eagles during the Big Game, or if you just like the energy of watching football in Las Vegas during one of the biggest games, these locations are where you want to be. There is something for everyone’s style of football party. Be sure to book a room at the D Las Vegas to be in the heart of all the excitement and see what Big Game football celebrations are all about in Vegas.