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13 Las Vegas Residency Shows to See in 2023

All the way back to the early years of the city, visitors have come to expect some of the greatest talent setting up their Las Vegas residencies, starting with Liberace in 1944. Today, Las Vegas continues to be a destination for travelers from all over the world who visit to see their favorite artists putting on show-stopping performances. From 1944 to today, the Vegas residencies have only gotten bigger and better, with performances from musicians, comedians, magicians, and more! Not sure who to see this year? Consider this your ultimate guide to Las Vegas residency shows in 2023.


Las Vegas Residencies for Music Lovers


Some of the biggest names in music have found their career booming in Las Vegas. From Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Celine Dion, and dozens more, Las Vegas has seen stardom for decades. Every year, Las Vegas’ residency artists have brought fantastic and one of a kind performances to the city. Our shows cover everything from classic to pop to R&B, giving everyone a taste of their favorite artists to please any and all music lovers.


Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow has done it all. He has won award after award, and been a Las Vegas residency performer on and off for years. Enjoy a night of iconic, non-stop hits including “Copacabana” and “Mandy” at the Manilow: Las Vegas residency. Manilow has performed over 500 times at the Westgate, truly making him a Las Vegas resident artist!



See some of the best moves in person during the “Usher – My Way” residency at Dolby Live at Park MGM. Since the beginning of his successful career in the early 90s, Usher has made hit after hit and continues to be a music star. His Las Vegas residency will bring guests a show like they’ve never seen before, unique only to Las Vegas. 


Garth Brooks

Starting mid-May, Garth Brooks will be kicking off the Garth Brooks/Plus ONE Las Vegas residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace through the end of July. From single fiddles to entire bands, each song and performance promises to be a unique and intimate experience of seeing some of the best hits live.


Crowd Cheering at Las Vegas Residency Show


Keith Urban

You won’t want to miss Keith Urban: Live at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood this year. As one of the most exciting live performers, you’ll hear plenty of his chart-topping songs set with some great live music and visuals. Guest performers, guitar solos, and more, this show is unpredictable in the best way possible.


Donny Osmond

If you’re looking for some real Las Vegas flair, you can’t miss the Donny Osmond residency at Harrah’s. Donny has been a performing legend, and his first-ever solo residency will be filled with his biggest hits, new music, dazzling costumes, and impressive dance numbers that give you the true Las Vegas residency experience.


Rod Stewart

Another well-known and well-loved Vegas performer is hitting the stage this year with the Rod Stewart: The Hits residency at the Colosseum. This famous Las Vegas residency has been going on since 2011 and is often lauded as one of the best performances in town. Stop by to hear 5 decades of incredible music!


Carrie Underwood

Years after gaining fame on American Idol, Carrie Underwood has made a name for herself as one of the best in the business. REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency will take place at Resorts World with critically-acclaimed production, incredible outfits, and even more incredible singing. 


Microphone for Las Vegas Comedy Residency


Las Vegas Residency Shows for Entertainment


Las Vegas has always been a city with a certain kind of magic and pizzazz. Especially in the residencies filled by some of the best performing magicians and comedians. If you’re looking for something outside of comedy and magic, you’ll also find beautiful (and shocking!) shows with world-class acrobats and performers painted blue. You won’t want to miss these one of a kind performances.


Penn & Teller

If you like magic and comedy, we know the show for you. Penn & Teller have been known as the “Bad Boys of Magic” and really know how to put on a show – as evidenced by their Emmy, Obie, and Writer’s Guild Awards. After decades of magic in Vegas, their residencies continue to entertain, and they’re something you won’t want to miss.


David Spade & Nikki Glaser

While this Las Vegas residency is a bit shorter than others, it sure will be a good one. David Spade and Nikki Glaser will be teaming up for eight shows across 2023 at the Venetian Theatre for four weekends of some of the funniest moments you’ll have in Vegas. Since nights are limited, this residency will be truly special.


Piff the Magic Dragon

With a description of, “imagine Larry David in a dragon suit performing jaw-dropping magic tricks,” Piff the Magic Dragon is a pretty good representation of how entertaining these residencies can get. At the Flamingo, you can catch Piff and his chihuahua Mr. Piffles headlining their residency with a show you’ve never seen before.


Acrobatic Performer in Las Vegas Residency Show


Cirque du Soleil

For a spectacle that is truly a one of a kind performance, book tickets to see a Cirque du Soleil show. With some of the most talented acrobats and a show with a dose of magic, Cirque du Soleil is constantly reimagining live performances. These shows will blow you away, and they have Las Vegas residencies at six different hotels


Blue Man Group

A performance by the Blue Man Group is a truly unique experience. Their show will bring you fascinating music, make you laugh, and surprise you over and over again all while painted blue. The trio has performed for millions of people around the world, and their Vegas residency at Luxor is truly a unique opportunity to experience their art.


Criss Angel

Criss Angel is one of the best known magicians in America, known for his wild stunts and mind-boggling magic. His MINDFREAK Las Vegas residency showcases some of his best work, including state-of-the-art sound and pyrotechnics for a fully immersive experience that will blow your mind.


Las Vegas continues to host some of the best entertainment in the world. With one-of-a-kind music performances, dazzling magic shows, and hilarious comedians lighting up the stage, there is no shortage of entertainment here in Vegas. Book your room at the D Las Vegas in Downtown, and get ready for the best Las Vegas residency shows happening this year in 2023!