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What Your Las Vegas Steak Order Says About You

Tomahawk Steak Order from Andiamo Steakhouse in Las Vegas

Steak is a classic dish, but it can also be pretty modern – just like Las Vegas. When you order steak in Las Vegas, you know you have more options than filet mignons and New York strips. Our steakhouse menus offer a variety of options for a number of ways to enjoy steak in Las Vegas, and we all know variety is the spice of life (which is probably why you’re in Vegas in the first place). Whether you’re a surf and turf type or are placing an order for brisket fried rice, see what your Vegas steak order says about you.


Classic Las Vegas Steakhouse Orders


Filet Mignon

When people think of simple elegance, they think of you. Which is perfect, because your steak order of a filet mignon at Andiamo has the exact same energy. Though the size of this steak may be smaller than many of its counterparts, there’s no denying that quality is way more important than quantity. While some might be going big, you’re perfectly content indulging in small, tender moments. Just like your Vegas steak order, you carefully select your inner circle and enjoy the high quality experiences with the select few you get to spend time with.


New York Strip

Just like old school Las Vegas (or New York too), the classics are classics for a reason. As a New York strip orderer, you enjoy the things in life that are consistent and prepared well. Not every steak has to have all the bells and whistles, and you know that high quality steak with beautiful marbling can be a star all on its own. In addition to your New York strip at Andiamo, you’re probably ordering another classic alongside it – perhaps a martini or an old fashioned. If the Rat Pack were around today, you know you’d be seated at the table with them.



Nothing quite says decadence like a rich ribeye. When you’re ordering a ribeye at Andiamo Steakhouse in Las Vegas, you’re showing off one of your favorite life mottos: treat yourself. Vegas is one of your favorite places, because just like your steak order, there’s something exciting with every bite. You’re not just in town to do one thing, you’re here to go to the casinos, drink champagne at rooftop bars, go on a shopping spree, hit up the spa, and whatever else you can enjoy on your trip to fully treat yourself.


Steak Tartare at Barry’s Downtown Prime Steakhouse in Vegas


Steak Tartare

Delicate and sometimes an acquired taste, those ordering steak tartare have a great sense in the finer things in life. No need to indulge in large portions when you can enjoy a carefully-crafted dish. Bonus points if it’s accompanied by a quail egg to add extra elegance. Just like your order for steak in Las Vegas at Barry’s Downtown Prime, you carefully curate all your favorite things, and know that quality and great presentation can take you a long way. You like to stick to the classics, but are excited to see how an innovative spin can transform an experience.


Surf & Turf

Surf and turf is the best of both worlds at a Las Vegas steakhouse. Merging the rich flavors of filets with lobster tails is a culinary pairing made in heaven. If you’re ordering surf and turf, you’re the type to opt-in to every single activity you can be a part of. Filet mignon and lobster tail at Andiamo? No question. Wine tasting and art tour? You’re in. Cocktail course at a rooftop bar? Signed up. Sports Betting at the pool? Heck yes. Life is full of unique experiences, and in a place like Las Vegas, you thrive in the number of options you have to make the most out of your trip.



If you’re ordering a tomahawk steak at Andiamo, you’re staking (or steaking) your claim to being the adventurous one at the table who isn’t afraid to dive head-on into the most extravagant experiences. While your steak might be on the indulgent side, you also know you’re spending money on high quality and getting your money’s worth. And with a 32 oz cut of meat in front of you, you know there’s no way this meal is just staying at the table. Just like all of your other exciting moments in Vegas, you like to share all the cool things you’re up to on social media.


Healthy Steak Noodle Salad from 8 East Las Vegas


Modern Las Vegas Steak Orders


Steak Noodle Salad

Steak has long been seen as a heavy, hearty dish, but you know it can be more than just that. If you’re ordering a steak noodle salad from 8 East (extra points for it being spicy), you’re the enlightened one who isn’t afraid to break some social (or menu) norms and try a healthier path. You’re also likely the one who decides to take an early morning swim after a night out or order a green smoothie to help recover from the night before. Making healthier choices doesn’t have to be boring, and you know just how to spice it up.


Steak & Eggs

Luckily, you know that steak doesn’t just have to be a dinner food. When you order steak and eggs at Saginaw’s Delicatessen, you know you’re starting off your day in Las Vegas with a hearty meal that will get you through the day. A breakfast order shows just who you are – someone who is ready to enjoy every minute of the day. You don’t waste time waiting for the perfect moment to arise, you make that moment happen on your own and treat yourself whenever you see fit. Just like you like to have your belly full, you like to have your schedule full.


Brisket Street Tacos

Life can go by quickly, and sometimes you need something easy and convenient to get you through the day – like a brisket taco from Project BBQ. Perfectly designed to fit in your hand and be done in a couple of bites, this brisket order highlights all the best qualities of an efficient process. You enjoy being on the go, but also appreciate the comforting elements of something so familiar. While you might be hopping from activity to activity in Vegas, you still make the time to stop and taste the tacos to help you feel nourished and full.


Brisket Fried Rice

While some might say fried rice is a simple dish, you know better than that. You know that there is beauty – and even some excitement – in the simple things when done right. Your brisket fried rice order from 8 East is a beautiful showcase of how a few perfectly-planned elements can make for one of the most memorable experiences. Life is all about finding the beauty and joy in every situation, and about finding the balance between comfort and things that push the envelope.


Just like with every other experience in town, the best steak in Las Vegas is the one you like the most. With so much to choose from, you can tailor your restaurant outing to fit all of your favorite tastes. And what’s stopping you from trying them all!? Have steak and eggs for breakfast, a steak noodle salad for lunch, and a filet mignon for dinner! Wherever you do decide, make a reservation at Andiamo Steakhouse to have some of the best steak in Vegas.