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2019 Las Vegas Fantasy Football Draft Party Ideas

Friends Cheering on Team for Fantasy Football Draft Party

“Touchdown!” And just like that, the 2019-2020 NFL season is right around the corner. Gather your crew and start preparing for a season filled with football, fun, food, and drinks. The D is here to help you craft a game plan so you’re not caught off guard when fantasy football draft day is finally here. There’s no better place to support your favorite NFL team than in the Entertainment Capital of the World for the ultimate Las Vegas fantasy football draft party!


Join a Fantasy Football League


During the NFL season, you don’t just have to sit on the couch and watch the games; you can be apart of the action when you join a Fantasy Football league. Joining your very own league is a great way to keep the competitive spirit alive between you and your buddies. You can create your team of preferred players and compete against your friends and coworkers for the grand prize, which is normally money, but let’s face it, bragging rights are priceless! Drafting for Fantasy Football can start as early as May and as late as September. 

To start the new season off the right way, the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center hosted an NFL Draft Day Party in April where football fans watched the 72-foot screen as new players joined the NFL franchise and while other favorite players were traded between teams. An event like this is just the beginning for die hard fans. Starting in August at the D, you can begin plans to host your own Fantasy Football NFL draft party. Get the group gathered and start preparing for the competition!


People Eating at Las Vegas Fantasy Football Draft Party


Host a Las Vegas Fantasy Football Draft Party


Even though you can start creating a league or team as early as April, you can’t draft players until the end of May. However, it’s advised to wait until August to start building your team for ultimate success. With the NFL preseason happening through August 1, 2019 to August 30, this is the optimal time to host your party. Holding a Las Vegas fantasy football draft party during this time gives you the chance to scope out the players and make any adjustments to teams before the NFL season starts on September 5, 2019.  

When hosting a fantasy football draft party, make sure you have all the essentials. Here is a list of “equipment” you need to make sure you have a successful daft day.


Food and Drinks

Make sure there are plenty of beverages in the fridge and easy-toy-eat food on the table! Another fun way to host the ultimate party is by making it a potluck. Have guests craft up some themed dishes to get everyone in the spirit. 


Create a League Before Hosting a Party

Websites like Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football and MyFantasyLeague.com offer exceptional platforms so you can keep track of your league’s stats throughout the season. 


Choose Owners

When creating a Fantasy Football league, you have “owners” or “managers” that help keep people on track. Even though this draft is a leisurely activity for friends, it’s important to set rules for the league before the season starts. Additional tip: make sure your league owner isn’t a hothead! You can get enough of that watching the real teams on the big screen.


Friends Hosting Fantasy Football Draft Party in Man Cave


Make Rules Before the Season Starts

Talk about trading, fees, rules, limitations, and additional rules to keep the game fun and to avoid conflict. It would be discouraging to be taken out in the middle of the season for causing a fantasy penalty, so make sure everyone in the league understands the rules!


Have a Draft Party Board

A party board will help keep track of teams, drafts, trades, and updates during the season. A draft party board will also keep track of player stats while monitoring what happens to them during the season. 



Playing Fantasy Football should be fun. Watching football is an American pastime that brings people together and Fantasy Football should be the same! 


Join a Contest


Ready to get your betting game on and route for your favorite teams? Do you have what it takes to pick the winners? If so, Circa | Sports has you covered. You can enter the Circa | Sports Million Pro Football Contest at the D Las Vegas, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino or by attending one of the draft parties at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. 

If hosting a party seems a bit difficult and time-consuming, check out the area and see if anyone is throwing a party that you can join. Or better yet, contact the D in Las Vegas and check out their football packages offered to all fans. In addition to the packages, the D has “man caves you can rent out that are stocked with TVs and stadium-style food and drinks. While they take care of your Las Vegas fantasy football draft party, all you have to do is bring along 25 friends. Whatever your needs this football season, know that you have options and many plays that can score you a winning touchdown!