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Activities & Tips for Planning a Bachelor Party in Vegas

Groom-to-Be and Groomsmen at Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Las Vegas is one of the best places for a weekend with the guys, and with wedding season ramping up, it’s probably time for you and your boys to plan an epic bachelor party in Vegas if you have a groom-to-be in the group. From dressing to the nines for high-end bars and restaurants to getting dirty and letting loose in the desert, there is something for every groom to enjoy in Vegas. Learn about all the tips and activities to have a Las Vegas bachelor party weekend you may or may not forget!


Vegas Bachelor Party Planning Tips


  1. Plan for the Groom: This should go without saying, but planning a bachelor party in Vegas should only be done if it’s something the groom is interested in. There’s something for everyone in Las Vegas, but if your groom-to-be is more of a low-key guy, Vegas might not be the best for him. Once in Vegas, make sure your Las Vegas bachelor party itinerary is tailored to his preferences.
  2. Decide on a Budget: Out of courtesy to the rest of the groomsmen, get an idea of what everyone is paying for the bachelorette party. Nobody likes getting hit with a bill they can’t afford, and you don’t want to create bad feelings surrounding this weekend. Budgeting will help you get a handle on who can come, how to get there, where to stay, and which activities to do on your trip.
  3. Book a Hotel: Finding a hotel right in the middle of all the action is key, and finding one with style and comfort is an added bonus. If you want to step it up a notch, book a suite for you and your guys to make getting ready and pregaming that much more fun. The D Hotel is perfectly located near everything you need, from bars to shows, and offers luxury amenities to make for a memorable stay for your bachelor party.
  4. Set an Itinerary: When setting a Las Vegas bachelor party itinerary, there are a few things to keep in mind. As mentioned before, take the groom’s preferences and the group’s budgets into consideration. Also consider the time of year and research what will be available once you get to Vegas. If you are planning on going to anything that requires tickets or reservations, plan those first to ensure you and your group get to do everything planned.


Friends Toasting in Las Vegas Suite for Bachelor Party


7 Las Vegas Bachelor Party Itinerary Ideas


Attend a Sporting Event

Las Vegas has been thriving in the sports scene with the addition of the Vegas Golden Knights and the coming of the Las Vegas Raiders. Grab some seats with the boys to see the action in person, or step up your Las Vegas bachelor party by getting all-star access from the D where you can indulge in packages for a luxury suite or exclusive first row glass seats.


Drive Sports Cars

Take your Las Vegas bachelor party form 0 to 100 by getting behind the wheel of some of the fastest and most exotic cars on the market. At Dream Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, you and your buddies can drive some of your dream cars for a rush of adrenaline. From race cars to luxury cars, this is sure to be one legendary activity.


Go to a Shooting Range

Bring your crew to the range for a session of shooting targets like zombies and aliens for an epic Las Vegas bachelor party experience. The Range 702 offers a VIP bachelor party package that includes 50 rounds with a machine gun, 5 rounds with a .45 caliber 1911, access to the VIP suite and a private range, and limo service to Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club.


Have an Adventure with Outdoor Activities

Just because you’re in the city doesn’t mean you can venture outward. Get rough and dirty while mastering the Nevada dunes during a group ATV tour, hiking through the Valley of Fire, kayaking the Colorado river, or ziplining over Bootleg Canyon. If you bachelor party is adventurous, plan something that takes you outside of the city and into the desert.


Man Taking ATV Tour for Vegas Bachelor Party


Indulge in Spa Packages

Admit it, getting a massage sounds pretty awesome. When planning a bachelor party in Vegas, you don’t have to go hard the entire trip. After a weekend of celebrating, there is no shame in treating yourselves to a spa day. Vegas is filled with luxury spas that will treat you and the guys to a day of relaxation – which is probably needed after wedding planning.


Live it Up at a Pool Party

What sounds better for a bachelor party than surrounding yourself with beautiful people, dancing to a DJ, and having drinks in the pool? The pool parties in Vegas are legendary, and your bachelor party should be the same. Make like the bachelorette parties do and get matching bathing suits to be the hit of the party and make a splash. Suns out, guns out!


Snag Tickets to Shows

Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World, so why not take advantage of all the entertainment right at your fingertips? Depending on your group’s preferences, you can catch Vegas comedy shows, resident artists, guest DJs, and entertaining acts. Try buying tickets early to guarantee going, or talk to concierge services for last-minute options.

Planning a bachelor party in Vegas is one of the most exciting ways to send off your groom-to-be before his big day. There will be memories made for a lifetime, and probably some moments you will forget. Either way, your groom-to-be is sure to have the time of his life while spending time with his closest friends and experiencing all Las Vegas has to offer.