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7 Places to Go for Weird and Interesting Art in Las Vegas

Seven Magic Mountains Art Installation Near Vegas

Las Vegas is home to many shows, casinos, and great places to eat, but we are also home to many artists. From exhibits in the local casinos to some interesting painted rock formations, celebrity sculptures made completely of wax and semi trucks tipped upside down, there really is nothing Vegas doesn’t have to offer. Needless to say, Las Vegas has no shortage of art that is out of the ordinary. Read on to see some of the best places to see weird and interesting art in the city and in the surrounding areas.


Where to Find Interesting Art in Las Vegas


Seven Magic Mountains

Located just 10 miles south of Las Vegas, the Seven Magic Mountains is a can’t-miss sight as you are driving on the freeway. With no reservations required and being open 24/7 there’s no reason to not go visit! The Seven Magic Mountains opened May of 2016 and was only supposed to be on display for 2 years, but after the overwhelming success, they have decided to keep it up for years to come. 


Neon Museum

Go back in time and see the beautiful signs that filled Las Vegas Blvd. in years past. The Neon Museum’s Neon Boneyard is full of the signs of businesses and casinos that used to be on the Las Vegas Strip. The Boneyard has more than 200 signs that are in the same condition as they were when they were removed from their original location and moved to the Neon Museum. As popular as the Neon Museum is, be sure to get your tickets ahead of time and make sure to check out their private photography options.


Praying Mantis Art at Downtown Las Vegas Container ParkSource: Condé Nast Traveler


Downtown Container Park

Enjoy what downtown Las Vegas has to offer while also experiencing some of the amazing art it has to offer. Walking through the Container Park, you will find interesting things like an enormous Praying Mantis that spits fire out of its antennas, as well as things like a heart with tons of locks on it that people have started to add over the years. If you take a quick walk just down the way from the container park, you will come across a huge upside-down semi truck that was built from two tanker trucks.


Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

The Bellagio is known for its beautiful water and lights show outside, but there is also a completely different art exhibit inside. When you walk inside the main entrance, and past the hotel check in counters, you are greeted with a beautiful art exhibit made of real flowers and plants. The exhibit is changed every season to reflect events and special days within the year. Check out the schedule here to find out when the exhibits cycle. 


Madame Tussauds

Have you ever wanted to see celebrities up close, or take pictures with them? Madame Tussauds offers both of those things, but in wax sculpture form. You can definitely fool your friends when you post a picture with their wax sculptures because they look so real. Snap a selfie with Elvis Presley, Drake, Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, and many more. The wax sculptures look so real, can you tell which one is the real Beyoncé?


Area15 Art Experience in Las VegasSource: Fox5 Vegas



Area 15 offers EDC vibes all year round, but with something for the whole family. They offer many different experiences from food and shopping to “trippy rooms”, axe throwing, and golfing. While it is free to enter Area 15, some of the exhibits do cost money. With space also limited right now, they recommend you go online to secure your free entry pass. This way you are guaranteed entry.


First Friday on Fremont Street 

The First Friday Foundation is a local Las Vegas non-profit organization that focuses on supporting local artists. For over 17 years, on the first Friday of every month, they take over Fremont street with a ton of local artists including musicians as well. They really push the importance of people, young and old expressing themselves through all forms of art. With the global pandemic, they have been unable to operate but as of May 7th they are back in business. Head down to Fremont Street to support the local artists, musicians and businesses!


With the city of Las Vegas slowly opening up to full capacity, be sure to confirm each exhibit is open before you plan your outing. In the event some exhibits are closed, we are more than happy to entertain you here at the D! Book your room at the D to be right in the middle of the action. And just because we haven’t listed it here, it doesn’t mean it isn’t art! Las Vegas has an abundance of character, so go explore and find whatever art pleases you most.