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How to Experience Las Vegas Like a Local

Friends Enjoying Local Las Vegas Activities

Vegas is exciting to experience as a tourist, but it can get even better when experiencing it like a local. Living like a local means you’ll be able to see Las Vegas in a whole new light – new restaurants, fun local crowds, and memories you’ll make that will give touristy Vegas a run for its money. Read on to find all the best things like places to eat, areas to explore, activities to do, and more that will make you feel like you’re a local yourself!


Don’t Just Do The Strip


The Strip is a great place to visit, but it is also a huge tourist trap and you won’t find many locals there during their average day. Head off of the Strip to see and do things out of the normal tourist schedule and enjoy some of the many activities and amenities in the surrounding area. Check out the Arts District, take a stroll through the Springs Preserve, or spend a day museum hopping in Downtown Las Vegas. Not only will you see a new side of Las Vegas and Nevada, but you’ll also be able to escape the crowds, save some money, and live as locals do.


Join a Players Club


You might not be a local, but if you are going to come to Las Vegas often, becoming a Las Vegas players club member can help you reap the benefits of your vacation. Sign up for a casino players club membership to earn points and savings every time you hit the casino floor. All you need is a valid form of ID to start earning points on the money you spend on dining, entertainment, and gaming. Earned points can get you free perks including VIP, priority dinner reservations, or even discounted rooms.


Group Eating at Local Las Vegas Restaurant


Explore Foodie Neighborhoods


While there are plenty of world-class restaurants on The Strip in Las Vegas, that’s not your only option for incredible food in the city. Foodie neighborhoods like Downtown Las Vegas, 18B Arts District, Summerlin, Chinatown, and Paradise Road (also known as “Restaurant Road”) all offer incredible food from brunch to dinner. They’re also likely to be cheaper! Without the hustle and bustle of The Strip or the increased menu prices for tourists, you’ll find Vegas locals and foodies frequenting these delicious local Las Vegas restaurants and bars.


Know Where to Find the Perks


One of the best things about Las Vegas is that you can find almost anything you can dream of. The difference between locals and tourists is that locals have been in the city long enough to know where to find the best perks. This means knowing how to maximize your experience. It’s easy to enhance your trip when you know what to look for. Take advantage of last-minute hotel deals. Stay somewhere with all the amenities you prefer – pool, casino, restaurants, bars, etc. And finally, follow local accounts to find out about events, deals, and more for your interests.


Get Some Culture


Las Vegas is known for its entertainment, so getting some culture is easy to do whether you’re a tourist or a local. However, as a tourist, the big shows are the ones you’ll see most advertised. On top of the Las Vegas residencies, the city is filled with other forms of culture. If you’re into art, head to the Arts District where you can find murals and art galleries. Downtown Las Vegas is also home to a few museums worth checking out, such as the Mob Museum or the Neon Museum. You’ll be sure to have a great time while exploring the city’s cultural scene.


Friends Going on Local Day Trip from Las Vegas


Go on a Day Trip


When you go to Vegas, you probably plan on staying right in the city during your trip. But if you want to do Vegas like a local, do as locals do – leave the city for a day trip! There are a number of great destinations near the city that only require a few hours to travel to, and they can make for an epic road trip in the middle of your vacation to Vegas. From ghost towns to national parks, drive to one of the many cool spots near the city. Don’t have a car with you? It’s easy to rent a car so you can explore! Don’t forget to pick up some road trip snacks for the drive.


Take Care of Yourself


Many tourists come to Vegas to have a fun (and sometimes wild) time. On top of constantly going out, many are hit with the desert weather and are ill-prepared. Experience Vegas like a local by taking care of yourself and knowing what to expect. Locals know to check the weather for the day and that those really cute heels aren’t the best to wear all day throughout the city. Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, pack appropriately, and wear comfortable shoes.


Next time you plan a visit to Las Vegas, check out these tips to experience the city like a local. Being a tourist in Vegas is always fun, but exploring it like locals do will give you a fresh perspective. Who knows, maybe you’ll even prefer the local experience even more than the tourist version! Be sure to book a room at the D Las Vegas to be centrally located near all the best local attractions and amenities.