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What to Pack for Vegas: 25 Las Vegas Essentials

From the practical items like comfortable walking shoes to the fun items like a sassy night outfit, there are a few things every trip to Las Vegas requires. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to figure out what to pack for Vegas, so let us help make it easier on you! Make sure you have everything you need for your trip by following this Vegas packing list.


Clothing You Can’t Go Without


Casual Outfits

Even though Las Vegas is one of the best places to showcase your finest attire, hot summer days walking along the Strip call for more low-key vibes. Come prepared with a couple casual day outfits that work well with the plans on your itinerary.


Bathing Suits

Las Vegas hotels are world-renowned for their pools, so there’s no way you can visit without bringing at least one bathing suit. Whether you hop in the jacuzzi during the colder winter months or rock a stylish suit at a summer pool party, this item is definitely a Las Vegas essential.


Dress Shoes or Heels

You can’t dress to the nines without elegant heels or snazzy dress shoes. Bring a pair to match each evening outfit and you’ll be a sight to see as you walk through the casinos!


Dress Sandals

This Las Vegas essential is important for the ladies. If you have a hard time walking in heels, you’re probably going to want some dress sandals to change into when your feet feel like they’re about to fall off. Take cute pictures in your 5-inch heels and swap them out for a more comfortable option.


People Dressed Up in Las Vegas Casino


Fancy Outfits

Once you’ve finished seeing the most popular tourist attractions in your tank top and shorts, it’s time to pull out the big guns. Add to your Vegas packing list one fancy outfit for each night of your stay. These outfits should work for an upscale dinner, gambling night, or even a wild night at the club.


Flip Flops

Whether you want to wear flip flops on the Strip or by the pool, they’re a must-have when it comes to deciding what to pack for Vegas. Just make sure you check casino dress codes before wearing them out because some venues require more upscale dress!


Light Jacket or Sweater

Las Vegas may be in the desert, but it can still get cold depending on the time of year you visit. Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Even if the weather is sunny and blazing hot, you may still want to bring a light jacket because the casinos can be quite chilly. 


Walking Shoes

If you’ve never been to Las Vegas before, you may not know that the Strip is actually pretty massive. If you plan on walking to your destinations, a pair of comfortable shoes should definitely be on your Las Vegas packing list.


Woman with Las Vegas Essentials


Accessories You Don’t Want to Forget


Day Bag or Backpack

Once you leave your hotel room for the day, you’re most likely going to be out for a while exploring and checking things off of your itinerary. Avoid unnecessary trips back to your room by adding a day bag to your Las Vegas packing list. From sunscreen and water to medication and chapstick, a backpack comes in handy for just about everything.



Not only are hats a cute accessory for photos, they’re also a godsend when it comes to protecting your head from sunburn. Bring a dress hat for photo ops and a casual ball cap for times when you’re just chilling out.



While a purse can’t fit near as much as a large day bag, it does the job for Las Vegas essentials like lipstick, money, and your cell phone. Bring a small, cute purse that adds style points to your outfit and is super easy to carry around as you visit bars and clubs.



Having sunglasses is a necessity pretty much everywhere you go, but especially in Vegas. From day-long pool parties in the sun to exploring the Strip, your eyes need some protection. Rallying when you’re hungover is just another reason you’ll be thanking yourself for bringing a pair of stylish shades!


People Partying in Las Vegas


Personal Items for Fun and Function



Although it may seem too obvious to add to your Las Vegas packing list, it never hurts to give yourself a reminder. Vegas is all about 21+ activities, so forgetting this Las Vegas essential would be a total nightmare. Double check that you have your ID before you leave your house!



There’s nothing worse than looking like a lobster after a day at the pool. Pack that sunscreen and make sure you use it because the only time you should be feeling red is when you’re hitting the roulette table!


Ibuprofen or Advil

Vegas and hangovers go hand-in-hand, which is why Ibuprofen is a must for your Las Vegas packing list. While you’re gathering up your hangover kit, pick up some Pedialyte too. Drink it the morning after a night out and you’ll be ready to rally.


Refillable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key if you want to survive your trip to Vegas, even if you aren’t planning on partying. The desert heat is intense and can leave you feeling exhausted and weak if you don’t drink enough water. Pack a refillable water bottle, so you never go thirsty!


Hand Sanitizer

The last thing you want to do is get sick right after you get home from Vegas, so make sure to throw some hand sanitizer in your bag before departure. While many hotels and casinos are taking many extra steps to provide a safe and sanitary experience, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra level of safety,


Ear Plugs

Trying to get some shut eye can be difficult with noisy neighbors and roommates, but it’s nothing a pair of ear plugs can’t handle. Earplugs are also great for going to any loud venues to help protect your hearing. Put these in your bag to ensure you get enough rest and you’re protected to go out when the time comes.


Mini First Aid Kit

What do you get when you combine drinking and Las Vegas? The need for a mini first aid kit. Patch up unexpected injuries and get right back to your day! Pack bandaids, and electrolytes to help with any accidents or hangovers that may get in your way.


Woman Applying Sunscreen to Face



When in Vegas, keep yourself looking pretty. Look your best and moisturize your skin throughout your whole trip by incorporating lotion on your list. This is also a Las Vegas essential if you drop the ball and get sunburned. Bring a lotion with aloe to soothe the pain.



Don’t let the dry desert climate suck all the hydration out of your lips! Add chapstick (bring a couple to have in each bag) to your Las Vegas packing list and have hydrated, plump lips all weekend long. 


Energy Shots

Unless you pride yourself on being able to thrive on little sleep, you should definitely consider packing this Las Vegas essential. Energy shots or drinks will perk you right up after a long night of running wild on the Strip. 



Both men and women need to pay special attention to this Las Vegas essential! Being smooth and clean shaven is the only way to look when in Vegas, so pack a razor for that mid-trip shaving sesh. Make those legs look shiny and get rid of that five o’clock shadow.



While the iPhone takes gorgeous photos, you can never go wrong with bringing your camera as well. Get some professional shots in front of the Eiffel Tower or maybe squeeze in candids as you walk around the Neon Museum.


Phone Charger

Last but not least, triple check that you have included a phone charger on your Las Vegas packing list. Your cellphone is your life line as you wander around pool parties and hotels, so you need that baby fully charged! Travel pro tip: Bring along a portable charger as well to charge on-the-go so you’re never stuck with a dead battery.


With the proper clothing attire, accessories, and personal items, Las Vegas is a complete blast. Run through this list of Las Vegas essentials before you head out on your trip and you’re guaranteed to have an experience you’ll never forget. Make sure to book your room or suite at the D in downtown Vegas, so you can be close to Fremont Street and all the action Vegas has to offer!