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Ways to Get Active and Stay Healthy in Vegas

Man Working Out in Gym for Las Vegas Fitness

Las Vegas is known for its vibrant nightlife, shows, and entertainment. It’s important to remember that even in Las Vegas, it’s vital to stay healthy. It can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when surrounded by all the excess of the city, but there are several steps you can take to keep yourself healthy while visiting. Moderation is key when it comes to selecting activities, drinks, and food choices. Set limits for yourself and try to choose healthier options when out. Exercise can also play a role in moderation as well – take a morning walk after sleeping off the previous night’s activities and leave room for some down time or rest before going out again.

Ultimately, having fun and being social in Vegas doesn’t mean you can’t make room for positive habits – just be sure to plan ahead and prioritize balance! Read on to see how to keep up a Las Vegas health routine and still have fun.


Las Vegas Health & Fitness Activities


Visit the Gym

Working to keep up that physique or get some gains? If you want some equipment to help you out, hit the gym. Most resorts offer hotel gyms that are open 24/7, so you can workout whenever fits your schedule and not too far from your room. The fitness center at the D is fully stocked with top-of-the-line equipment such as free weights, exercise balls, ellipticals, a stationary bike, and a multi-purpose workout station. You can also check out local Las Vegas gyms that might be bigger and offer more workout equipment and fitness classes.


Do Hotel Room Workouts

If going to the gym on vacation isn’t really your thing, you still have options! You can do hotel room exercises without having to travel or worry about your gym outfit. Even better, these travel workouts don’t require much planning or equipment – most you don’t need equipment for at all. Do some yoga when you wake up, a set of jumping jacks and sit-ups before you get ready, or some squats before heading to the pool to keep up with your Las Vegas fitness routine with ease.


Man Swimming in Pool in Las Vegas for Fitness


Swim at the Pool

One of the best and most fun ways to get in a travel workout in Vegas is by hitting the pool. Not only will you get to enjoy the sun, but you’ll also be able to treat yourself with a refreshing poolside drink and snack (just keep it healthy!) and some entertainment. Not all Vegas pools are the greatest for having a legitimate swim, however, as some are more geared toward entertaining. Stop by the D Pool to swim some laps, then follow it up with a trip to Circa Stadium Swim® to reward yourself with some poolside lounging and a healthy vegetable crudité platter.


Walk Around Town

With things to see all around town, from Downtown Las Vegas all the way down to the south end of The Strip, walking is one of the best ways to see it all – all while getting in a little bit of a workout. On The Strip, you can easily walk around using the sidewalks, pedestrian bridges, or throughout the resorts. Downtown Las Vegas is also great for walking through Fremont Street, taking a stroll through the Downtown Container Park, or seeing what cool pieces of art you can find in the Arts District.


Go on a Hike

The city has a lot going on, but the hikes and trails around Las Vegas offer a new type of beauty and a new type of experience. Get some fresh air while working up a sweat – and not just from the desert sun. With hikes in the Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, and around Lake Mead, you have plenty of options to choose from. If you do plan on hiking as your travel workout, be sure to pack accordingly. Bring some lightweight clothes, layers, appropriate shoes, and some sunscreen to keep you protected and comfortable!


Woman Eating Healthy Meal for Las Vegas Health


Eat Nutritiously

With so many restaurants around, it can be hard to not give into temptation for every meal and snack. On that same hand, however, the number of restaurants means you have a good number of healthy options to choose from. Don’t feel the need to ignore all indulgent food, but making some healthier choices between the indulgent ones will help you find a nice balance. With your morning mimosa, pair it with a healthy bowl. Or start off your steakhouse dinner with a delicious salad. Green and Proteins and Simply Pure are some great, healthy options Downtown.


Stay Hydrated

Last, but certainly not least, your Las Vegas health depends on staying hydrated! It might not sound like the most exciting thing, but it’ll definitely help you feel your best. From replenishing after a hike to staying refreshed during a marathon (night of drinking), staying hydrated can help you recover faster and enjoy the city to the fullest. Las Vegas is also in the desert, which can lead to hot and dry conditions depending on the time of year, and can lead to your body needing more water than you usually need at home.


If you’re trying to stay healthy in Las Vegas, moderation really is key. Balance those travel workouts in the gym with visits to the casino, and the healthy salads with the cocktails at the bar. You can have a great time in Vegas while still making some healthy choices! When you stay at the D, you’ll be near pools, gyms, healthy restaurants, and all of Downtown Las Vegas to explore for a healthy vacation.