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Fun Workshops and Classes in Las Vegas to Grow Your Skills

Friends Taking Small Cooking Classes in Las Vegas

New year, new you! There’s no doubting that Vegas has it all – Vegas is a place for shows and gambling, but it can also be a place for you to learn new skills. Whether you’re looking for fine dining, gambling, or hobby classes for adults, there’s no shortage of options wherever you look. Consider this your ultimate guide to classes in Las Vegas and use your visit as an opportunity to learn a new skill. From craftiwork to cooking classes, try one of these classes next time you’re in town.


Vegas Culinary Classes


Las Vegas is a culinary hotspot with hundreds of restaurants and talented chefs. Luckily, many of these amazing chefs also teach cooking classes, which are a great way to spend an afternoon and get some great food while you’re at it.


Cozymeal Cooking Classes

To choose from a long list of classes taught by skilled culinary artists, visit Cozymeal, a Las Vegas-based culinary school where you can book classes of all sorts. With cuisines ranging from sushi and seafood to Italian and dumplings, the choices are endless. Each chef features a section on their page about the safety measures they are taking for COVID-19. Many of these chefs hold positions at some of Vegas’ top restaurants and hotels, so these are sure to be some of the best cooking classes in Las Vegas.


Wynn Master Class Series

The Wynn offers a series of Master Classes taught by some of their best chefs on staff. Previous classes have included Chinese food class taught by Chef Ming Yu, a sushi and summer cocktails course led by mixologist Andrew Pollard, and a lesson on ice cream and all things frozen with their Executive Pastry Chef. Their classes also change seasonally. In December they featured a holiday cookie decorating class with Executive Pastry Chef Patrice Caillot. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wynn has adjusted these classes to adhere to social distancing and CDC guidelines. 


Wine Making

As the only wine making school of its kind in Las Vegas, Grape Expectations is a unique place to go to learn the ins and outs of the wine making process. During the Spring, they offer Chilean and South African wine making classes and during the Fall, their classes focus on Californian wines. The courses take place over a number of weeks, so if you want to attend each session, consider planning a second trip to Vegas! They are still offering classes during the pandemic and require all guests to wear masks and to social distance. 


Eataly Classes

Although classes are currently suspended in light of the pandemic, these cooking classes at Eataly at Park MGM are not to be missed once they resume operations. The classes are taught by expert chefs in their hands-on kitchen. Classes focus on traditional Italian cooking are a great activity to do with the whole family. You’ll also be served a delicious meal at the end of your class, which is arguably one of the best parts. 


Chocolate Tasting Classes in Las Vegas


Tastings in Vegas


Going to a tasting is a great way to indulge. Satisfy your senses with chocolate, wine, and much more, all available in a number of Las Vegas classes. 


Chocolate Tasting

Sweet tooth? Look no further. HEXX Chocolate is here to help. With their bean-to-bar tasting and education class, you can learn how they source their chocolate, how their chocolate is made, and then taste a variety of their chocolate offerings. They are also offering patio dining at their restaurant HEXX Kitchen, but a reservation is required. 


Whiskey Tasting

Refine your palate with a spirits and whiskey tasting at Las Vegas Distillery, located 15-20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip in Henderson. Each private tasting is a fun blind taste challenge that encourages you to determine which whiskeys and spirits you are enjoying. Try the Spirits Challenge or the Big Whiskey Challenge to see if you really know your alcohol. They also offer discounts for ladies night, birthdays, and bachelor parties.


Wine Tasting

Wine tasting can be a crowd-pleaser, and what better place to go wine tasting than at a winery? At the first and only winery in Las Vegas, the Vegas Valley Winery offers daily tastings. Open 7 days a week, make sure to ask for a winery tour while you’re there! If you like what you taste, you can also purchase bottles of their handcrafted wine and hard cider. It’s best to leave the kids at home for this visit though, as the winery is a strict 21+ establishment. 


Woman Taking Las Vegas Classes for Glass Blowing


Las Vegas Classes & Workshops


Looking to take up a new hobby? Or maybe just try something new? Have a go at one of the many hobby classes for adults in Las Vegas. These workshops are great for doing something out of the ordinary! Why not, right?



Glassblowing is a centuries-old tradition, and it’s certainly not easy! Not to mention all the equipment you need to even get started. So what better way to try out glassblowing than to take a class! Take a private class to learn some glassblowing techniques and create two small glass pieces during your workshop! Don’t worry, there will be a professional there every step of the way to help you. Instructors will also be there to enforce mask-wearing and social distancing. 


Gambling Workshop

If it’s your first time to a Vegas casino, gambling can seem intimidating. The Gambling Experience is sure to make you prepared to take the casino head-on and walk away from the table with more money than you started. First, your instructor will evaluate your skills, then you get a one-on-one lesson with an expert about the rules of the games and the best tips to keep in mind.


Trapeze Lesson

Did you see Circ Du Soleil while in Vegas and want to learn some acrobatic moves yourself? Even if you didn’t, you’ll be sure to take some skills home with you after this 1.5 hour trapeze lesson. Learn some trapeze basics with a professional instructor in this one of a kind class. Classes are currently not running, but the company is accepting bookings for later this year alongside a flexible policy. So when booking your trip to Vegas, make sure to book your trapeze lesson too! 


Vegas is a city with outrageous opulence and full of unique experiences. On your next visit, book a fun workshop or class to learn something new and experience a new side of Vegas! Whether you want to taste some wine or join the circus, there’s something for everyone. Book a room at the D in Downtown Las Vegas to have a central home base after learning your new skills!