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The Perks of Staying in Downtown Las Vegas vs Strip

Aerial Shot of Downtown Las Vegas

Maybe we’re biased, but we definitely think Downtown Las Vegas is better than the Strip – especially as the area continues to grow. From the unique character and personality of the area to the expanding businesses and restaurants that give you plenty to do, see our favorite perks of staying Downtown the next time you visit!


Why to Choose Downtown Las Vegas Over the Strip


A Show is Always Going On

One of the biggest Downtown Las Vegas attractions is the Fremont Street Experience. Sure, the Strip has a lot going on, but you have to go inside for the real entertainment or buy tickets to the shows. Nothing really owns the entire street like the legendary Viva Vision in DTLV.

This free show has the largest video screen in the world with 16.4 million pixels to display some fascinating visuals. While the general light show goes on 24/7, the Fremont Street Experience is now also featuring musical artists along with the video. Imagine the most impressive, giant music video you’ve seen! Right now, you can immerse yourself in Shakira’s music and dance to the beat while walking through Downtown. The party and the show are always all around you.


Bars and Dining are Delicious

Las Vegas overall has become a hub for food and drink enthusiasts. While celebrity chefs might be setting up their kitchens on the Strip, Downtown Las Vegas has a plethora of world-class chefs and bartenders who make every single bite and sip one to remember, and all without any pretentious vibes.

From trendy restaurants and bars in the Downtown Container Park to classy steakhouses in the hotels, there’s something for everyone. Our favorite Downtown Vegas restaurants are 8 East, American Coney Island, Andiamo Steakhouse, Barry’s Downtown Prime, Project BBQ, Saginaw’s Delicatessen, and Victory Burger. For DTLV bars, we love Bar Prohibition!, BarCanada®, Circa Bar, D Bar, Legacy Club, LONGBAR, MEGA BAR, OneBar, Overhang Bar, Vegas Vickie’s, and Vue Bar.


Historical Downtown Las Vegas Neon Signs in 1952


History is All Around You

Downtown Las Vegas is where it all started. Fremont Street has been around since Vegas was founded in 1905 and became the city’s first paved road in 1925. Because of this, our part of the city has been a part of every bit of Las Vegas history, making Downtown far superior to the Strip.

You can even still stay in the first hotel in Las Vegas! Golden Gate Hotel & Casino was originally named Hotel Nevada when built in 1906 and has since evolved with the city into what it is today. As the years went on, Downtown Las Vegas was the star of the show when the Hoover Dam was built in the early 1930s, giving the city the famous title of Glitter Gulch and really putting Las Vegas on the map. Without Downtown and Fremont Street, there would be no Vegas!


It is Continually Growing

Just as Downtown Las Vegas has a rich history, it also has a dazzling future ahead of it. The Strip has a lot going on for it with the mega resorts and casinos with their luxury stores, but there’s something exciting about being part of the expansion and growth of Downtown as we continue to revitalize the city.

Since 2012, the Downtown Project has invested $350 million into Downtown to date, creating a cultural boom. Because of this growth, Downtown has a wide range of unique businesses and things to do. Some new developments include the Downtown Container Park, Smith Center, Mob Museum, and Neon Museum. One of the most exciting additions is the recent opening of Circa Resort & Casino Las Vegas that merges the character of Downtown with the luxury of the future.


Interior of Circa Sportsbook for Las Vegas Sports Betting


Our Betting Scene is World-Class

Depending on where you go, Downtown Las Vegas casinos and sportsbooks tend to favor the bettor more than those on the Strip. The giant casinos on the Strip might seem enticing, but you likely won’t get as great of a payout as casinos Downtown. Additionally, daily minimums tend to be lower in DTLV.

Our casinos are far more fun than those on the Strip, and less pretentious. In fact, we make betting fun with our Dancing Dealers who have skills both at the tables and the stage. On top of the fun, we do also take betting seriously. To maximize your winnings, the Club One Players Card earns you comps and points at the D, Golden Gate, and Circa Las Vegas casinos. If sports betting is more your thing, check out Circa | Sports – especially the largest sportsbook in the world at Circa!


The Vibe is More Welcoming

When you’re downtown, you’ll definitely feel more like a guest and less like just a number. On the Strip, you likely aren’t going to get much of a personalized experience and are going to be a number more than a visitor to connect with. When you come Downtown, you’ll find that things get a lot more welcoming and genuine.

Part of this comes from the people who work Downtown. You’ll find bartenders, servers, dealers, and yes… even CEOs who genuinely care about you and creating a great experience. When you come to the D, Golden Gate, and Circa Las Vegas, there is a good chance you’ll see CEO Derek Stevens on the floor or at the bar ready to chat with customers. That type of hospitality is felt all over Downtown Las Vegas, and you’ll likely feel more like a local than a visitor.


The next time you visit Las Vegas, definitely consider these points when choosing between Downtown Las Vegas vs the Strip. Downtown has much to offer that the Strip does not. If you are looking for a place with character, no pretentiousness, and plenty of options for having the time of your life, DTLV is where you should be. Book your room at the D Hotel to be in the heart of Downtown!