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Group Trip Planning Tips for Traveling to Las Vegas

Friends Taking a Selfie on Group Trip to Vegas

Whether you’re traveling with your family or meeting up with friends, Vegas is the perfect city for small groups. There’s a little something for everyone to enjoy, and so much to do as a group. But before you get to the fun, you have to go through the logistics. Luckily, group trip planning for Vegas is probably the least stressful travel planning you’ll do! Find tips on where to stay, what to do, and more to ensure you and your group have a great time.


Get Your Crew Together


This might seem like an obvious first step, but it’s the most important! Choosing your Vegas crew will help you determine the best way to plan your trip. Are you going with a group who wants to party all day and night? Or does your group want to spend the day lounging by the pool? Or are the casinos and sportsbooks calling your names? Or, perhaps, your group is interested in a little bit of everything. Having your Las Vegas group settled and being on the same page is the first step in planning your epic trip to the city.

While some of your group might break off to do different things here and there, making sure you all have the same idea of what to expect on the trip can help you avoid any conflicts once you’re actually in Vegas. If your friend wants a relaxing getaway by the pool but you’re expecting fun bar crawls and hitting the club every night while getting in late, you might not fully enjoy your trip.


Group of Bags on Cart at Las Vegas Hotel


Choose Where to Stay


Now that you have your crew together, it’s time to decide where to stay. Las Vegas has a lot to offer, and every place has its own charm. The main question: Downtown or the Strip? The Strip is where the majority of people go when visiting Vegas, making it more expensive and more crowded, but still a good time. Downtown Las Vegas offers a lot of the fun of the Strip, but with more real Vegas character and affordable prices – and with easy transportation for the Strip. Maybe we’re biased, but Downtown Las Vegas is the perfect place to be for your group trip!

No matter where you stay, you’ll need to decide what kind of room situation you want. Multiple single rooms? Some shared rooms? A suite with a common space? Choose whatever is most comfortable for your group. At the D, we have multiple room options, including double and single rooms and suites. If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, try the bunk suite at Circa Las Vegas that sleeps 8!


Friends on Road Trip to Las Vegas for Group Trip


Plan Your Travel


Okay, you’ve found your hotel and are ready for Vegas. The next thing to figure out is when and how you’re getting there! The first step is of course: when. Choosing when to go to Vegas can make a big impact on your trip. The best time to go to Vegas really boils down to what you and your group want to do. If you want to hit up pool parties, make your plans for spring or summer. Wanting to go hiking? The fall or summer are better suited with lower temperatures. You should also take into account holidays – things book up quickly in Vegas, and higher demand also means bigger crowds, more traffic, and higher prices.

Next, you need to plan how you’re getting there. Depending on where you are, you’re likely deciding between flying or taking a road trip. A road trip is always great fun, but if you’re traveling with a group you need to take into consideration car space and how many cars to take. There is usually a parking fee in Vegas, so more cars can really add up in price. Flying is a great option for quicker transportation, though it is more expensive per person. If you fly and need a car, you can always rent a car in Vegas once you arrive.


Friends Toasting at Group Dinner in Las Vegas


Figure Out Your Key Events


The final (and most fun) step in planning a small group trip to Vegas is figuring out your key events and things you want to do. This is why the first step is so important! Having a group that is aligned in interests will make it easier to plan things to do. Have everyone pitch in a few ideas of what they’d like to do on the trip and see how they overlap. For small things like going to a store or the casino don’t necessarily have to be full-group events, so instead focus on the big things: shows, restaurants, day trips, DJs, parties, etc.

Essentially, plan out which items require tickets or reservations ahead of time so you can purchase them in advance. Or, if you take a day trip to go on a hike, be sure you block off an appropriate amount of time when planning. With COVID precautions, be sure to research your activities and see if requirements have changed – some places that didn’t require reservations before may require them now.

But the biggest tip for planning your group trip is to have fun! The logistics of planning might not be the most exciting, but they do help you have a great time with your crew. And while, yes, logistics are important, it’s also very important to not get caught up in your planning. Is a show sold out that was on your list? Did you spend too much time doing one thing that you missed doing another? Don’t worry about it! It’s Vegas, there’s something to do around every corner to explore and try something new. Use missing something as an excuse to plan another trip!


No matter where you stay or what you do in Vegas, being with your crew will make for some amazing memories. As long as you have fun and be safe, any trip to Las Vegas with people you care about will be the most amazing vacation!