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How to Travel the World… in Las Vegas

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Want to travel the world, but without the hours of flying to and from multiple destinations? You’re in luck. From New York and Detroit to Paris and Venice, if you want to travel the world, Vegas is the destination to visit to see landmarks from around the world and try different cuisines. See where you can experience influences from around the world that allow you to travel without leaving Las Vegas!


Las Vegas


It only makes sense to kick off your tour of international destinations in Las Vegas with a stop by the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign. Located at the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip, the Las Vegas sign was originally built and installed in the 1950s making it a piece of Las Vegas history as well as a premier photo opportunity on your Las Vegas World Tour.




For a more subtle destination inspiration, may we suggest the D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino? Inspired by Detroit, Michigan, the D pays homage to owner Derek Stevens’s hometown, with the D standing for both Detroit and Derek’s first name. A Gross Pointe native, Stevens drew inspiration from his childhood as well as invited Detroit metro area restaurateurs out to Nevada to create stunning restaurants and bars for the hotel.

Enjoy Detroit’s local favorites at American Coney Island at the D, drinks from the Overhang Bar (inspired by the overhang section of Tigers Stadium) at Circa Las Vegas, a delicious steakhouse meal from restaurateur Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Steakhouse at the D, or a deli sandwich from Detroit’s Zingerman’s co-founder at Saginaw’s inside Circa.




Thrill seekers will love the next destination in Las Vegas: The Strat. Marking the north end of the Strip, the Strat Hotel, Casino, and Tower’s design is reminiscent of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. The hotel towers over the Space Needle at 1,149 feet and is the tallest observation tower in the United States. Visitors can make use of this height to get a breathtaking 360-degree view of Las Vegas in the aptly named Top of the World Restaurant. You can also enjoy the thrill rides that adorn the top of the tower including the Big Shot Catapult. 


New York City


Find a slice of New York in Las Vegas at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino. This hotel features a model skyline of many iconic New York landmarks, including the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Embrace the charm of city side streets and delis with New York New York’s indoor shopping and dining area or seek Coney Island thrills with a ride on The Big Apple outdoor coaster.


Replica of Venice Canals at The Venetian Las Vegas




Continue your trip around the world by heading to Italy. There happen to be several Italian-inspired Vegas establishments that can take you from Venice to Rome in Las Vegas.



While on your world tour of the Strip, be sure to visit Venice in Las Vegas. The Venetian Hotel brings the grandeur of Renaissance Italy with opulent decor and expertly on-theme Grand Canal Shops. Visitors to the St. Mark’s Square look-alike will love the serenading gondoliers and other live street performers throughout Venice in Las Vegas.


Lake Como

Did you know the Bellagio Fountains are inspired by the crystal clear water of Lake Como? This desert water show is a well-loved trip highlight for first-timers and veteran tourists alike. Dancing waters delight with a refreshing chance to relax on your worldwide Vegas trip.



All roads lead to Rome as they say. The last Italian-inspired destination in Las Vegas is the Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. This Vegas hotel has had its fair share of movie and TV fame, and is also the oldest operating hotel on the west side of the Strip, having opened in 1966. From the Colosseum performance venue to the Forum Shops indoor shopping center, there are a myriad of ways each guest can indulge like a Roman emperor.




Next, it’s time to travel in both time and place to Medieval England with Excalibur. Home to the Tournament of Kings dinner show, this hotel and casino brings the fun of Medieval Times and Renaissance Fairs to the Las Vegas desert. Excalibur, along with its neighbor The Luxor (which we touch on later), was built as part of an effort by local hoteliers to bring more family-friendly resort options to the Strip.


Replica Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas Hotel




Other iconic landmarks that you can easily spot on the Las Vegas Strip are the replica Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. Embrace the glamor and cuisine of the romance capital of the world with the hotel’s wide variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes. Parisian-inspired pastries are available alongside celebrity chef restaurants in the chic shopping center, making for the perfect place to grab lunch away from the Las Vegas heat. 




We hope you’re hungry for the next destination in Las Vegas because next, we’re visiting Morocco with a meal at Marrakech. With a dining experience like no other since its opening in 1979, guests at Marrakech are treated to a Mediteranean-style six-course meal. The ambiance is complete with decor inspired by Moroccan tents and live performances from trained belly dancers. 




From the grand forums of Italy to the Great Pyramids of Egypt, finish your exploration of destinations in Las Vegas by visiting the Luxor Hotel. One of the most identifiable destinations in Las Vegas, the Luxor pays homage to one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World and boasts a 350-foot-tall Pyramid – one of the tallest in the world! – as well as a guardian Sphinx, reminiscent of Ancient Giza.


One of the greatest parts about visiting Vegas is that you get to experience things from all around the world! Consider it your one-stop-shop for seeing (replicas of) international landmarks, trying global cuisines, and having a worldwide vacation without having to spend so many hours on the plane. Find your home base for all your worldly travels in Las Vegas and book your room at the D Hotel & Casino. You’ll even find one more international highlight there – a bit of the Blarney Stone right out of Ireland!