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3 Unique Casino Games to Play in Las Vegas

Friends in Casino for Las Vegas Birthday Celebrations

So you’re getting all ready for your big trip to Las Vegas and the excitement is brewing. You can already taste the amazing meals offered up at the town’s incredible restaurants. Tickets to top shows have been bought. Soon you’ll be checking out top acts, be they musical, magical, dance, or whatever strikes your fancy. We’ve checked off just about all of the boxes on your Vegas bucket list. But we’re willing to bet you’ve got one more great thing you’re looking forward to – hitting the casinos!

Yes, Vegas is home to the world’s most famous casino scene, and the chance to play games of chance is certainly one of the biggest draws to the city as visitors try their hands with Lady Luck. And you’re probably thinking about the usual suspects: classic table games like blackjack, craps, Texas hold ‘em, and of course, the slot machines. But there’s a bunch of awesome and off-center Las Vegas casino games you haven’t been thinking about.

Here are three unique Las Vegas casino games to check out while you’re enjoying your stay in the gambling capital of the world!


Sigma Derby Mechanical Horse Racing in Las VegasSource: Las Vegas Review-Journal


Sigma Derby Mechanical Horse Racing


A sports-table game hybrid that combines some of the favorite ways to gamble in Las Vegas takes on a more kitschy form in this unique and incredibly fun game – mechanical horse racing. Horse racing has been a classic way to bet on sports in Vegas and still is one of the most popular ways to gamble – whether you’re looking at the day-to-day “playing of the ponies” in an off-track-betting situation, or you can’t wait to lay down some serious cash on a Triple Crown race like the Kentucky Derby, the thrill of horseracing is a time-honored way to gamble.

But in the Sigma Derby, you’re absolutely going to encounter a horse of a different color! An invention going back to the 1980s, this is basically a tiny analog horse racing game played on a mini-fairground where cute horse and jockey cutouts are pushed along mechanically around the toy-sized track. You place your bets on your miniature racers! It’s all totally random, with different color competitors noisily cranking around the track, but it’s lots of fun! Stop by the D Casino to play in the only place in town that offers this fun and unique Vegas experience.


“Big Bertha” Giant Slot Machine


Probably the easiest way to try your luck in Las Vegas casinos is to hit the slot machines. This tried-and-true method of passing the time sliding buckets of coins into the coin slots has proven to be every bit as thrilling as the tensest poker tournaments – even if nowadays it’s mostly “ticket-in, ticket-out” instead of coins! Folks will sit for hours at a time, pushing buttons and pulling handles to see where the spins will land.

When the big jackpot hits, cheers rise in the halls! But have you ever played at a giant slot machine? One of the remnants of the Las Vegas of yesteryear, there’s one oversized beast called “Big Bertha” at the Golden Nugget casino, one of the most popular destinations back in the “Rat Pack” days. You probably won’t hang out at this one all day, but it sure is fun to watch – and it makes for one of those unique Vegas experiences!


People Playing Casino War Card Game in Las Vegas


Casino War Table Game


Serious card sharks come to Las Vegas sporting their own hardcore systems. Blackjack players pay careful attention to how the dealer plays their hand and how fellow players make their moves. Texas hold ‘em competitors keep a keen eye on their adversaries for any “tell” which could give away whether they are bluffing or not. But some games are all about letting the cards fall where they may without much thought.

And so it is with war. Yes, it’s the very same war you played a million times when you were a kid. You know the game: Everybody gets an equal amount of cards, you flip, and whoever has the higher-value card wins. Only now, you can play this totally random game for money in Las Vegas! Casino war is a perfect way to go for those who just want to pass the time without putting too much thought into it.


When you come to Las Vegas to gamble, there are plenty of options available in the many casinos around town. On top of playing the usual games, make your Vegas casino experience a unique one by trying out these unique games perfect for any level of bettor. And while you’re at it, book a room at the D Las Vegas to have quick access to Downtown Las Vegas casinos, and sign up for the Club One Players Club to start earning rewards when you bet at the D Casino, Golden Gate Casino, and Circa Las Vegas Casino!