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Unique Experiences at the D Las Vegas: From Bacon to Derbies

Looking for some unique finds in Vegas? At the D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, you can find some of the most unique sights and experiences in Vegas, from having the last remaining Sigma Derby in the US to offering 24/7 bacon and brunch. There are gems all around the property, so you’ll have to explore the casino floor, restaurants, bars, and even exterior to find them all! See why the D needs to be on your list the next time you visit, and put these unique attractions on your to-do list.


Bacon Nation


Ready for brunch? At any time of the day? Bacon Nation is the newest addition to the D Las Vegas restaurants, and it’s already proving to be a huge hit. Classic breakfast options, creative brunch items, and late-night bites all grace the menu at this new Las Vegas brunch spot. If the name didn’t give it away, bacon is a big star on the menu, with items like bacon bloody Marys and bacon samplers where you can try a range of bacon flavors and styles.




Vegas has a lot of sports bars, but how many are Canada themed? We can think of one that’s doing it really well: BarCanada®. Located near the Circa sportsbook at the D, BarCanada is a hockey bar at its core, but is still a great spot to catch other major games as well. You’ll be able to catch every exciting Vegas Golden Knights game on the screen while enjoying specialty cocktails or some Canadian beer and placing a bet at Circa Sports.


The Blarney Stone


On the second floor of the D Casino, you’ll find a piece of the Blarney Stone – a piece of a lucky stone that some might like to seek out before trying their luck at gambling. The stone’s plaque reads, “The D has been bequeathed a rare stone from the famous Blarney Castle in Ireland … The tradition requires visitors to suspend themselves upside down for a proper kiss of the stone. If the feat seems too dangerous, just give it a good rub for that special D luck!”


Dancing Dealers at the D Las Vegas Casino


Dancing Dealers


The casino at the D is known for its vibrant and lively atmosphere, and the Dancing Dealers dressed in red are a big part of that. These skilled dealers manage the games while adding a touch of heat and excitement and fun with their dance moves. Whether you’re playing blackjack, craps, or roulette, the Dancing Dealers at the D are sure to make for a unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else aside from Circa and Golden Gate casinos.




While LONGBAR held the title of longest bar in Vegas for quite some time, sister property MEGA BAR at Circa Las Vegas recently took the title. That still leaves LONGBAR as #2, however, and it still makes for an amazing and unique Las Vegas experience. With a bar that stretches the entire length of the casino, you’ll find 32-34 seats with personal multi-game playing machines to keep gaming while you enjoy a drink from one of the flair bartenders.


Manneken Pis


Since 2015, Manneken Pis has been greeting visitors to the D. This statue is an exact replica of the well-known statue from Belgium, complete with a water feature. Over the years, he has been dressed up for special occasions, such as wearing hockey gear for VGK hockey games or wearing some chaps for the NFR Las Vegas. When you come to the D, don’t forget to stop by to say hi and take a selfie!


Sigma Derby Casino Game at the D Las Vegas


Sigma Derby


While Sigma Derby was popular back in the day, casinos have slowly phased it out because it yields lower profits than other games and repairs tend to be complicated and difficult. However, there is still one remaining place to play in Vegas. You guessed it, at the D! The retro horse racing game involves playing against other participants, which can make the experience interactive and social, making it something you’ll want to try at least once.


Vintage Slots


Modern slots are great, but venture to the second level of the D Las Vegas Casino and you’ll find a little slice of old Las Vegas. Rows of classic slot machines line the space, transporting you back to the city’s roots. The original Vegas vibes and classic gaming favorites give you the chance to embrace the nostalgia. Adding to the authenticity of the experience is the hum of throwback jams playing throughout the casino floor.


World’s Largest Keno Board


At the D, you can find the World’s Largest Keno Board. The board shows live keno games while they unfold in the casino’s keno lounge, so stop by and play some keno so you can be part of the experience! If you like betting large (literally), you can see your numbers as they’re drawn with this live feed of a classic Vegas casino game, adding an additional level of fun to this popular game.


Things don’t just stop there when it comes to things to see and do at the D! On top of these unique experiences, the D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is a great place to call home when you are visiting Vegas. You’ll also find state-of-the-art casino games, beautiful and comfortable rooms, exciting bars, and delicious restaurants like Andiamo Steakhouse. When you’re planning your next trip to Vegas, book a room at the D and explore all it has to offer!