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Rain in Vegas: How to Spend a Rainy Day in the City

Couple with Umbrellas for Las Vegas Rainy Season

It doesn’t rain much in Vegas, but you might get stuck with a little rainfall during your visit on rare occasions – especially if you are visiting in the winter, early spring, or summer when monsoon season hits. Luckily, there are plenty of things to do in Vegas that keep you dry during a rainy day!


How Often Does it Rain in Vegas?


One of the big perks of visiting the city is the weather, but how often does it rain in Vegas? On average, Las Vegas gets about 5 inches of rain every year. That’s incredibly dry compared to the national average of 38 inches! You can expect around 294 sunny days per year in Las Vegas, leaving only 26 days per year where some form of precipitation may fall – typically rain. Even during those 26 days, precipitation is typically light.

December through March see the highest number of days with rainfall and the most amount of rainfall in terms of inches. Las Vegas’ rainy season also takes place July through September when monsoons are more likely to hit. During the monsoon season, rain might be heavier during the storm, but not as long-lasting as the rain taking place in the winter and early spring. According to U.S. Climate data, average monthly rain in Vegas includes:

  • January: 3 days | 0.54”
  • February: 4 days | 0.76”
  • March: 2 days | 0.44”
  • April: 1 day | 0.15”
  • May: 1 day | 0.12”
  • June: 0 days | 0.07”
  • July: 2 days | 0.40”
  • August: 2 days | 0.33”
  • September: 1 day | 0.25”
  • October: 1 day | 0.27”
  • November: 1 day | 0.36”
  • December: 3 days | 0.50”


Friends Having Drinks to Stay Dry from Rain in Vegas


Things to Do During Las Vegas Rainy Season


Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do when there’s rain in Vegas. With hotels and resorts housing many amenities, easy access between properties, and even a giant light show canopy over Fremont Street, you can explore Las Vegas while staying dry.


Bars & Restaurants


Getting wet in the rain isn’t nice, but whetting your appetite is. With so many incredible places to eat and drink in the city, restaurants and bars are the perfect escape from the weather. You can find rainy day comfort food at 8 East and Saginaw’s Deli, or sit down for a long meal at Andiamo Steakhouse to wait out the rain. For bars, check out the bars at the D. And while the rooftop section may be too wet, stay dry inside with beautiful views at Legacy Club.




When it’s a dreary day outside, you can bet on the casino being lively and bright! With table games, slots, and more, you’ll be having such a blast that you won’t even remember that there’s inclement weather outside. If you want to move around a bit, the casino isn’t the only place to bet. For sports fans, the Circa | Sports sportsbook is a great place to catch the game while cheering on your favorite team. Or, go for some video poker while sitting at the bar.


Women at Museum to Avoid Rain in Las Vegas




Did you know that Las Vegas has some of the coolest and best museums? Maybe you weren’t originally planning on a museum trip on your vacation, but when there’s rain in Vegas, it’s the perfect time to check them out. From kitschy museums like the Pinball Hall of Fame and Zac Bagans’ The Haunted Museum to educational museums like the Mob Museum and the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, you’ll learn some interesting facts along the way.




Las Vegas has a wealth of shopping centers that are all indoors. There are even some spots that make it feel like you’re outside, but without the rain! Check out the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian or the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace for those indoor-outdoor vibes. You can easily find deals at the outlets or splurge on designer brands during your Las Vegas rainy day shopping spree. And don’t forget to visit the shops at Circa Las Vegas!




Catching entertainment in Las Vegas doesn’t need an excuse, but rain in Vegas sure is a good reason to get some tickets. Las Vegas rainy season doesn’t typically include long days of rain, so there’s a chance your show will outlast the weather! Magic shows, music residencies, magic shows, acrobatics, and more are available to fill your time and while keeping you warm and dry indoors. Check for last-minute tickets in the case of an unexpected rainy day.


While rain doesn’t happen too frequently in the city, it is still a good idea to check the weather in Las Vegas before your trip to ensure you have packed appropriately and have indoor activities planned. Luckily, much of the city is protected from the rain, meaning you can have the full Vegas experience even during one of the 26 days during Las Vegas rainy season! Be sure to book a room at the D for a cozy and comfortable place to call home on your trip after exploring the city in the rain.