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Why New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is the Best Party Ever

Friends Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

Especially after a year like 2020, we need a good celebration to put this year behind us. Vegas is the ideal place to party, let loose, and enjoy yourself as we welcome the new year. See why taking a trip to enjoy a Las Vegas New Year’s Eve is still the best choice, even if this isn’t our typical year of celebrations!


Benefits of New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas


The Activities

This year, New Year’s Eve will be a little different from other years. The crowds will definitely be smaller and Las Vegas New Year’s Eve parties won’t be as prevalent, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be anything to do. Luckily, the weather in Las Vegas is pretty great year-round, making outdoor activities available even in the winter. From outdoor bar crawls to lounging by the pool with champagne while watching the fireworks, New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas will still be filled with activities that are both exciting and safe to do while saying goodbye to 2020.


The Drinks & Dining

Las Vegas continues to grow as a center for incredible restaurants and bars and is cementing itself as a foodie haven. For some delicious eats and drinks located outside where you can still see the Downtown Las Vegas fireworks show, check out these restaurants and bars to keep you going throughout the night:

  • Project BBQ: For some delicious and authentic Carolina-style BBQ that is worth the calories before your New Year’s resolutions kick in. Also perfect at the end of the night after some NYE champagne.
  • Circa Bar: One of three incredible bars directly on Fremont Street, Circa Bar is the newest option featuring 24 frozen cocktail flavors and dancing bartenders to keep the party going.
  • D Bar: Another Fremont Street Bar that offers some of the most entertaining and exciting bartending in the city. The bar is right in the heart of Fremont Street, making it perfect for enjoying New Year’s Eve entertainment.
  • Legacy Club: Recently opened at Circa Las Vegas, the elegant Legacy Club offers expert mixology along with incredibleLas Vegas views from the lounge’s rooftop outdoor terrace. Grab a fire pit outside for a romantic NYE date.
  • OneBar: OneBar shares the flair and dazzle of Circa Bar and D Bar, located on Fremont Street as part of Golden Gate Hotel & Casino. This bar offers incredible views of the awesome Downtown light show.
  • Circa Stadium Swim®: The food and drinks are incredible at this pool amphitheater, definitely fit for some New Year’s Eve celebration. You can even splurge on some magnum bottles of premium bubbles for the countdown.


People Watching Las Vegas New Year’s Eve Fireworks


The Fireworks

Unfortunately, the famous Las Vegas New Year’s Eve fireworks on the Strip won’t be happening to ring in 2020. Don’t fret! Downtown Las Vegas will still be making the sky dazzle at midnight. The fireworks show will go on at the Plaza Hotel & Casino. You’ll be able to catch a good view of the fireworks at Stadium Swim at Circa Las Vegas. In true Vegas fashion, Downtown will be sending out 2020 with a bang – and hopefully a flash of light for a brighter 2021.


The Hotels

If the typical Las Vegas New Year’s Eve parties can’t take place like previous years, you know our hotels will still pull out all the stops to make sure your experience is the best possible. And since it’s Vegas, it’s never just a hotel. It’s a casino, bar, sportsbook, restaurant, and even shopping center depending on where you decide to stay. That means the celebrations are all around you. On top of that, Las Vegas hotels take COVID health precautions very seriously, meaning you can have your fun while knowing you are in safe hands.

When booking your New Year’s Eve Las Vegas hotel, consider booking at the D, Circa Las Vegas, or Golden Gate to truly have an experience you will never forget and say hello to 2021 in style.


The Vibes

We all know that 2020 has been quite the year. In Vegas, we have maintained our classic Las Vegas energy while keeping things safe and healthy. We know that taking a break from the craziness of the year is much needed, and we are always here to welcome you with the positivity we all know and love. Las Vegas New Year’s Eve parties won’t be as crowded this year, but you can at least rest assured that the energy will still be there!


Couple Walking Around Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve


The Walkability

For everything you need, you can walk to it in Vegas. Walking between bars, restaurants, casinos, and any other New Year’s Eve Las Vegas activities is not only easy, it’s fun. From the Fremont Street Experience to the Strip, there is so much to experience by foot. No need to order Ubers or hail a cab. Just be sure you plan your NYE outfit accordingly so your feet aren’t miserable when 2021 kicks off.


The Weather

Las Vegas is one of the best places for New Year’s Eve because of the fairly mild winter weather. With days in the 50s and nights in the 30s at the end of December, you will still need to bundle up, but at least you aren’t snowed in. This weather allows you to spend more time outdoors to enjoy the lights, fireworks, bars, restaurants, and other Vegas attractions instead of needing to spend time indoors. In fact, you can still even enjoy Las Vegas pools in winter here thanks to Circa’s year-round heated pools.


This year has certainly been one for the books. There have been plenty of highs and plenty of lows, and we cannot wait to welcome 2021 with you for New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas as we look forward to the highs of the future! We are still here with our Vegas energy and welcoming arms. Book your stay at the D Las Vegas to be in the heart of all the action.