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Las Vegas Wine Spots to Celebrate National Wine Day

May 25th marks the celebration of National Wine Day, and Las Vegas is the perfect place to raise a glass and toast to this occasion. From high-end wine bars to french bistros and vineyards, the city is a wine lover’s paradise. Whether you’re a connoisseur or just enjoy a good glass of wine, Las Vegas offers a range of options to suit every palate. Read on to explore some of the best Las Vegas wine spots, from vineyards to restaurants, so you can have the best National Wine Day in the city.


Las Vegas Wine Tastings & Winemaking Classes


Vegas Valley Winery

For those who prefer to sample local wines, Vegas’ one and only winery, the Vegas Valley Winery is a must-visit. Located just 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, the winery produces a range of award-winning wines made from grapes grown right in Nevada. Guests can take a tour of the winery and vineyard, and take a taste of their hand-selected in the tasting room. Their tastings offer a variety of reds, whites, and dessert wines, as well as a 7 Hard Cider Tasting Experience. A can’t-miss experience for those looking to learn more about Nevada-grown wines. 


Grape Expectations

If you enjoy wine so much, why not make it yourself? Just next door to the Vegas Valley Winery is the Nevada School of Winemaking. DIY your own wine barrel from scratch at Nevada’s only winemaking school, Grape Expectations. Seasoned winemakers and amateur wine enthusiasts alike can enjoy crushing, pressing, racking and bottling their own bottles of fermented grape goodness. From picking your perfect blend, to tasting the finished product, there’s no better way to spend National Wine Day than learning the ancient process of wine-making.


Las Vegas Wine Pairing at Andiamo Steakhouse


Best Wine Bars, Restaurants, & Shops


Andiamo Steakhouse

Nothing pairs as nicely with wine as Italian food and steak. Located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, Andiamo Steakhouse offers a variety of Italian and steak dishes complemented by an extensive wine list. Whether you’re looking for a bottle to share with friends or just want to try something new, Andiamo’s selection will not disappoint. Pair your heavy-bodied red with a hearty steak, a light-bodied white with shrimp scampi, or a glass of Champagne with dessert for a delicious, wine-filled meal.


Legacy Club Rooftop Bar

For wine with a view this National Wine Day in Vegas, Legacy Club is the place to be. On the 60th floor of Circa Las Vegas, the rooftop bar at Legacy Club offers a beautiful view of Las Vegas while you sip on your favorite glass of wine. Legacy Club features an array of white, red, and bubbles from around the world to fit every taste. Enjoy a sauvignon blanc for sunset or a sparkling wine that matches the sparkling city lights, and feel the mix of glitz and glam of Old Vegas mixed with the luxury of today.


Eiffel Tower Restaurant

The Paris experience – right from the Las Vegas Strip! With over 1400 labels, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at the Paris Hotel offers an exclusive list of French and American wines. Led by the Master Sommelier, the restaurant’s wine program ensures guests are served the finest wines that compliment Chef J. Joho’s cuisine perfectly. Diners can enjoy a classic French dinner while taking in the stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip from the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows.


People at Las Vegas Wine Tasting for National Wine Day


La Cave Wine and Food Hideaway

La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway at the Wynn Las Vegas is one of Vegas’ most highly rated wine bars and restaurants. From the rustic cellar to the outdoor patio with stunning views, La Cave offers an inviting atmosphere to savor a glass or bottle of wine on National Wine Day. Their exceptional wine list of over 250 selections includes rare and hard-to-find labels. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to relax with a glass of wine or an elegant setting to enjoy a celebratory bottle, La Cave is a great choice.


The Wine Shop at Eataly

The Wine Shop at Eataly offers an impressive and diverse selection of Italian wines, including bottles from all 20 regions of Italy. With one of the best-curated collections in the city, this Las Vegas wine shop provides a convenient spot to quickly grab a bottle or sit down and savor a glass with friends. This National Wine Day is the perfect occasion to enjoy their exceptional collection of Italian wines and explore the rest of Eataly’s offerings to have the full Italian experience.


Marche Bacchus French Bistro & Wine Shop

Located in the Desert Shores community of Las Vegas, this elegant French bistro has everything a wine lover could ask for. Take a seat at their outdoor patio for a mid-afternoon wine tasting or check out their extensive collection at the wine shop. With a selection of over 950 wines from around the world at Marche Bacchus, you’ll have a hard time deciding which one to take home! Don’t be afraid to ask their expert staff for a recommendation. All in all, this spot overlooking the serene lake gives guests a tranquil setting to sip their wine and enjoy a great meal. 


Las Vegas is clearly the ultimate destination for those wine enthusiasts out there looking to celebrate National Wine Day in style. From high-end wine bars to elegant French bistros and local vineyards, the city has a wine spot to suit every taste. With stunning views, exceptional wine lists, and expert staff to guide you, these Las Vegas wine spots will make sure that your holiday is unforgettable. So, raise a glass and toast to the beauty of vino in Vegas!