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Enjoy Carbs with Noodles and Pasta in Las Vegas

Frutti di Mare Las Vegas Pasta Dish at Andiamo Steakhouse

Las Vegas has earned its place in the culinary world, and is a paradise for food enthusiasts seeking diverse and delectable dishes. While the city is renowned for its extravagant buffets and world-class steakhouses, it also boasts a rich tapestry of noodle-centric and pasta-forward cuisines. From traditional Italian pasta to mouth-watering Thai noodles, Las Vegas has it all. Read on to find where you can eat the best Las Vegas pasta and noodle dishes, no matter what type of carby goodness you’re craving!


Italian: Andiamo Steakhouse


Nestled in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, Andiamo Steakhouse seamlessly blends American Prime with authentic Italian flavors. The philosophy of Chef Joe Vicari, influenced by the late Master Chef Aldo Ottaviani, revolves around using the freshest ingredients and crafting everything from scratch daily. At Andiamo, pasta is an art form, with homemade linguine stealing the spotlight.

Notable noodles at Andiamo include the frutti di mare, a seafood lover’s dream with clams, mussels, lobster, scallop, and shrimp in a rich tomato broth served with home-made linguine. The shrimp scampi is another Las Vegas pasta must-try, featuring sweet shrimp in a garlic-lemon butter sauce paired with house-made linguine. For a taste of luxury, the paglia e fieno boasts chicken, prosciutto, peas, and a white wine cream sauce, served with egg and spinach linguine, all topped with parmigiano reggiano.


American: Saginaw’s Delicatessen


From the co-founder of Zingerman’s Deli, Saginaw’s Delicatessen is a haven for those seeking hearty American fare. The menu features sandwiches, prime rib, salads, breakfast specialties, and, of course, some delicious spins on pasta and noodle dishes that taste just like home.

Notable noodles at Saginaw’s include the comforting chicken noodle soup, made with oven-roasted, hand-pulled chicken, carrots, celery, and onion in a house-made rich chicken broth with Ditalini noodles. For a taste of classic Las Vegas pasta the Old Vegas scampi presents a classic Italian American pasta dish with sautéed shrimp in a scratch-made sauce with fresh lemon, wine, chili flakes, garlic, and shallots, all tossed with angel hair pasta and served with a side of garlic bread.


Dan Dan Noodles at 8 East Asian Restaurant in Vegas


Asian Fusion: 8 East


For a cutting-edge take on Pan-Asian cuisine, head to 8 East, where Chef Dan Coughlin’s culinary prowess shines. Drawing inspiration from metropolitan Asian food markets, 8 East offers a diverse menu featuring shareable dishes like pot stickers, dumplings, wontons, skewers, and steaks.

Notable noodles at 8 East include the sizzling noodle, a tantalizing dish with ground pork or chicken, ribbon noodles, chopped garlic, and ginger, drizzled with hot sesame oil. The steak noodle salad combines sliced beef filet with buckwheat noodles, arugula, tomato, cucumber, rice flour, and a garlic-cilantro dressing. Don’t miss the Dan Dan noodles, stir-fried and tossed with Sichuan and a sesame-peanut sauce, or the savory 8 East ramen, topped with thin-sliced beef filet, wild mushrooms, a soft egg, bok choy, and nori.


Thai: Le Thai


At Le Thai, Chef Dan Coughlin brings the vibrant flavors of Thailand to the heart of Las Vegas. The menu showcases Thai classics, including the renowned 3 color curry and the always-fresh signature Waterfall Sauce. If you aren’t in the mood for curry, however, you’ll be in for a treat with the classic Thai noodle offerings.

Notable noodles at Le Thai include the Thai oxtail beef and meatball noodle soup, featuring a flavorful broth with bone-in oxtail, beef meatballs, bean sprouts, green onions, and cilantro. The classic pad Thai offers rice noodles stir-fried with your choice of protein, egg, green onion, bean sprouts, carrots, crushed peanuts, and cilantro. Other tempting options include pad see ewe, pad kee mow, and the enticing “Awesome Flat Noodle” – a stir-fried flat rice noodle, bean sprouts, green onion, egg, and a garlic stir-fry sauce.


Person Eating Phở Las Vegas Noodle Dish


Vietnamese: Phở Kim Long


For an authentic Vietnamese experience in Las Vegas, look no further than Phở Kim Long in Chinatown. Renowned for its diverse menu that features both Vietnamese and Chinese specialties, the restaurant offers a tantalizing array of noodle options that go beyond the ordinary while offering delicious traditional meals.

Notable noodles at Phở Kim Long include a variety of options like vermicelli, phở, egg noodle soups, pan-fried noodles, Singapore Noodles with curry spices, and stir-fried Japanese udon, showcasing the rich and flavorful Vietnamese-Chinese culinary fusion. The doodle dishes can be paired with an extensive range of proteins including spicy beef, rare steak, brisket, well-done flank, meatballs, charbroiled pork, roasted duck, chicken, shrimp, seafood, and veggies.


Chinese: Shang Artisan Noodle


Embark on a journey to ancient China at Shang Artisan Noodle, where the art of noodle making takes center stage. Specializing in the traditions of Shan-Xi, a northern province with a rich wheat cultivation history, Shang Artisan Noodle brings centuries-old techniques to life. With “artisan noodle” right in the name, you know you’ll be treated to some of the best Chinese noodle dishes in town.

Notable noodles at Shang Artisan Noodle include a variety of noodle soups like Shàng beef, pork belly, pork rib, and seafood. The “sauce noodle” selection features enticing options like Dan Dan noodles, cold chicken sesame noodles, tomato and egg noodles, and chicken and mushroom noodles. Don’t miss out on the flavorful Chow Mein options, either, including veggie, chicken, and shrimp options.


Las Vegas is a haven for noodle lovers, offering a diverse range of options that span the globe. Whether you crave the rich flavors of Italian pasta, the bold and spicy notes of Thai noodles, or the comforting warmth of a bowl of phở, Las Vegas has the perfect spot to satisfy your carb cravings. So, indulge in the city’s culinary delights and savor every noodle-filled moment with these Las Vegas pasta and noodle recommendations!