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9 Hidden Gems in Las Vegas You Must Visit

Woman Exploring Hidden Gems in Las Vegas

A lot of places in Vegas are known for going big and putting themselves out there, that’s kinda our thing in this city. But, there are also some hidden gems that definitely shouldn’t go underlooked. Just because they aren’t surrounded by flashing lights and found front-and-center doesn’t mean they aren’t larger-than-life experiences! Read on to find some of our favorite hole-in-the-wall spots and hidden gems in Las Vegas and in the surrounding area that might be off the beaten path.


Valley of Fire


Due to the size, maybe calling this spot hidden is a stretch. However, it isn’t the typical spot many city-goers think of when visiting Las Vegas and there are many things to uncover while exploring the area, so it’s still a hidden gem in our book. Take a trip out to Valley of Fire State Park to see some geological wonders and reminders of past civilizations with 2000-year-old petroglyphs carved into massive red sandstone formations in the Mojave Desert.


The Underground


Housed underground in the Mob Museum, The Underground speakeasy allows you to travel back in time to the Prohibition Era when hundreds of speakeasies operated in hard-to-find places. Visit The Underground and travel back in time to the Prohibition Era when thousands of speakeasies operated in hard-to-find places. The exhibit is set up around a well-stocked bar featuring a stage with live jazz music. Use the password of the week to get in!


Sigma Derby Horse Racing


An invention going back to the 1980s, Sigma Derby is an analog horse racing game played on a mini-fairground where mini horse and jockey cutouts are pushed along mechanically around the toy-sized track. While Sigma Derby was popular back in the day, casinos have slowly phased it out. However, there is still one place in Las Vegas that offers the opportunity to play – the D Casino. While it might not be your classic casino game, it sure is worth a play.


Seven Magic Mountains Art Installation Near Vegas


Seven Magic Mountains


Tucked away from the city just enough to be “hidden,” just 10 miles south of Las Vegas, Seven Magic Mountains is a can’t-miss sight as you are driving on the freeway. With no reservations required and being open 24/7, there’s no reason to not go visit. The Seven Magic Mountains opened in May of 2016 and was only supposed to be on display for 2 years, but after the overwhelming success, they have decided to keep it up for years to come. 


Secret Pizza


Nothing really beats a New York slice after a night out in Vegas. That’s where The Pizzeria, or Secret Pizza, steps in. Down a narrow hallway in the Cosmopolitan adorned with vintage album covers is an unassuming pizza shop. This hidden gem is a small spot just big enough for a few people to order a slice and a beer or play a round of pinball while waiting for a whole pie. The best part? They’re open late-late for those nights out – until 4am.


Golden Gate Original 10


In 1906, the first hotel in Las Vegas arrived as the Hotel Nevada. While the hotel has grown and changed over the years into Golden Gate Las Vegas, there’s still a slice of history within the walls. You can stay in one of The Original 10 rooms that once welcomed railroad men, starlets, mobsters, and more. These rooms are an incredible way to experience the history of Las Vegas while being a part of it.


Ghost Donkey Speakeasy Hidden Gem in Las VegasSource: Ghost Donkey


Ghost Donkey


Fans of mezcal and tequila will want to seek out this hard-to-find bar. Located within the Block 16 Food Hall at the Cosmopolitan and behind a green door with a pink donkey on it, Ghost Donkey is a fiesta packed into a speakeasy with glowing red lights, donkey art, and an impressive selection of mezcal. With traditional Mexican spirits, lively music, and delicious food, you’ll feel transported right to Mexico once you find this hidden gem.


Downtown Container Park


The Downtown Container Park is nestled at the foot of Fremont Street and offers a unique shopping experience. This DTLV attraction features stores built inside shipping containers that have been stacked and arranged to create a unique layout. While this might be an off-the-beaten-path destination, you can’t miss it – there’s a giant metal praying mantis in front that shoots flames out of its antennae that used to be an art installation at Burning Man.




In 2013, Louis Vuitton commissioned a permanent James Turrell installation for a hidden space on the fourth floor of its store in The Shops at Crystals. Called Akhob, a word from Egypt’s Amarna period meaning “pure water,” the piece consists of chambers filled with soothing colors that slowly change and immerse visitors. The installation runs for about 24 minutes and is free to visit, but it does require a reservation in advance by calling the store.


The next time you are in the city, be sure to add these hidden gems in Las Vegas. From speakeasies to petroglyphs, there is so much to explore and find when you look outside of the regular activities in the city. Whether you want to be close to the Sigma Derby or be walking distance to The Underground speakeasy, book a room at the D Hotel to be near all the hidden gems in Las Vegas while staying in comfort.