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Golden Misfits – A Recap of The Vegas Golden Knights’ Record-Breaking Season [UPDATED]

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[Update – this content has been revised to include the entire season]

Though Las Vegas has been a long-standing mecca for sports entertainment, validation in the way of a professional, major-league sports team turned out to be a true test of patience. As many residents have experienced over the decades, welcoming a Big Four sports team always felt like it was just within reach, never to fully come to fruition.


Enter the Vegas Golden Knights


From long-shot to the year’s best feel-good story, the Knights have proven what residents have always known – Las Vegas is an ideal city for major sports. Breaking nearly every expansion record in NHL history, the unheard of Vegas Golden Knights stats along with their marvelous story brought them all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. Yes, the most difficult trophy in all of sports was competed for by a year-one team – our Golden Misfits.

From record-breaking performances on the ice to heartfelt community support, the Golden Knights have woven their way into the fabric of Las Vegas in a way that even the most faithful may have never thought possible. To reflect on just what has gone into this most incredible story of recovery, endurance, persistence and pride, we have created a Vegas Golden Knights recap, complete with a timeline of some of the highlights from VGK’s inaugural season.


Inaugural Vegas Golden Knights Stats Recap


Now that our first NHL season has come to an end, we look forward to all of the record-breaking Las Vegas Knights’ stats to come. Looking back as we construct our Vegas Golden Knights recap, it’s clear that our young and hungry team has nowhere to go but up as we prepare for the next NHL season.

As a proud sponsor of the Vegas Golden Knights, the D went all out this season as our favorite team battled it out for Lord Stanley. From massive viewing parties to giveaways, our celebrations might just go down in history with the Vegas Golden Knights’ stats. While hockey season is over for now, October will be here before we know it, and everyone at the D can’t wait for an even bigger and better season of cheering on our Vegas Golden Knights with the entire community!


Golden Misftis - A Recap of The Vegas Golden Knights' Record-Breaking Season (so far) [Infographic]