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Las Vegas Black Friday Deals, Discounts, and Tips

Friends Shopping for Las Vegas Black Friday Deals

After a night at the casino, your wallet might be looking for a bit of relief. Luckily, Black Friday is a great opportunity to find deals on things you’ve been wanting to buy, and there’s no better place to get those deals than Vegas. Read on for Las Vegas Black Friday tips and where to look for discounts on things like hotels, shops, restaurants, and more!


Travel Tips for Black Friday in Las Vegas


Stay Central

Obviously, you’ll need a place to store all your Las Vegas Black Friday finds – and a place to sleep. Staying at the D Hotel Las Vegas puts you in a prime spot to do four things: recuperate from Thanksgiving feasting, be in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, store your Las Vegas Black Friday purchases, and recuperate from a day of shopping for deals and discounts. It’s a win-win-win-win.


Pack Light

If you’re heading to Vegas for the holidays, be sure to pack light or plan on bringing home extra luggage. With Las Vegas Black Friday deals aplenty, there’s no doubt you will be coming home with some extra items. If you don’t have enough space in your bag, don’t worry! There are probably some killer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on suitcases. Just double check to make sure all your new goodies are TSA-approved if planning to bring as a carry-on.


Make a Plan

The night before you get ready to wear out your wallet, make sure you have a plan in place. Many stores have special, early Black Friday hours, which means you should be ready to set that alarm – even if you’ve had a late night out. Plan out where your favorite stores are located, what time they open, and factor in some extra time for waiting in line. It doesn’t hurt to put together a priority list to make sure you hit your must-haves before someone snatches the last one.


Couple Checking Las Vegas Black Friday Shopping List


Get Connected

In the days leading up to Black Friday in Las Vegas, keep an eye on your favorite stores and brands on social media. Some stores won’t even advertise their sales online. If a Black Friday sale isn’t announced yet, don’t lose hope. They may announce holiday savings the day before, or even the morning of. Turn on post notifications, sign up for email newsletters, and stay in the loop with any of their Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals.


Budget Wisely

Going shopping on Black Friday is exciting with the rush of great deals and discounts – but don’t let that rush fool you. Just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean you need to spend that money. Avoid overshopping by creating a budget to make sure you spend wisely and have some extra money saved up for the rest of your trip to Vegas. Prioritize your top stores and items, and see what else you can fit in on your budget at the end.


Where to Find Las Vegas Black Friday Deals



During the holidays, many airlines offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Typically the deals apply to future travel, so use this as an opportunity to plan your next trip to Las Vegas. Sign up for your favorite airline’s newsletters and follow them to stay up to date on any holiday deals they may be offering. Some companies do last-minute deals for the holidays, which is the perfect excuse for a spontaneous holiday weekend in Las Vegas.



Similarly to flights, many hotels offer Las Vegas Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for future stays. If the stresses of the holidays have you itching for a Las Vegas vacation, this is the perfect time to book. Even if you don’t see deals for your favorite hotel right now, keep your eye out for Las Vegas Black Friday hotel deals, from free nights to getting 50% off of your stay, as some will offer last-minute deals for your trip to Las Vegas.


Front Desk at the D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino



While you’ll still probably feel stuffed from Thanksgiving, keep your eye out for special restaurant deals on Black Friday. Whether it’s an extended happy hour, discounted gift cards, meal specials, or 2-for-1 deals, you’re sure to find some extra Black Friday savings in Las Vegas restaurants. Some restaurants even give discounts if you provide a Black Friday receipt from a local shop. You’ll likely find these deals via social media or at the restaurant itself.



It’s no secret that Vegas has no shortage of shopping opportunities. Many shops on and off the Strip will be offering amazing Las Vegas Black Friday deals. Make a plan of which shops you want to visit, and research their holiday store hours. Many stores open early on Black Friday in Las Vegas, so be wary of that before partying too hard the night before. Expect large crowds are expected on the Strip and in the Vegas Premium Outlets.



Las Vegas offers a wide range of shows for everyone in the family year-round, but the holidays bring new shows and some wonderful deals on tickets. Spending Black Friday in Las Vegas means you can score yourself some super-discounted tickets to some of the most popular shows in the city. With savings like these, you can easily see a few shows for the usual price of one – making your Vegas trip even more memorable.

Whether using Black Friday in Las Vegas to buy new things right away or to plan things for the future, there is no shortage in ways you can save. Make sure to keep an eye on flight, hotel, show, and shopping deals throughout the season, and check online for Las Vegas Cyber Monday deals.