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Activities & Tips for Planning a Bachelor Party in Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the best places for a weekend with the guys, and with wedding season ramping up, it’s probably time for you and your boys to plan an epic bachelor party in Vegas if you have a groom-to-be in the group. From dressing to the nines for high-end bars and restaurants to getting dirty and letting loose in the desert, there is something for every groom to enjoy in Vegas. Learn about all the tips and activities to have a Las Vegas bachelor party weekend you may or may not forget!

Vegas Bachelor Party Planning Tips

  1. Plan for the Groom: This should go without saying, but planning a bachelor party in Vegas should only be done if it’s something the groom is interested in. There’s something for everyone in Las Vegas, but if your groom-to-be is more of a low-key guy, Vegas might not be the best for him. Once in Vegas, make sure your Las Vegas bachelor party itinerary is tailored to his preferences.

  2. Decide on a Budget: Out of courtesy to the rest of the groomsmen, get an idea of what everyone is paying for the bachelorette party. Nobody likes getting hit with a bill they can’t afford, and you don’t want to create bad feelings surrounding this weekend. Budgeting will help you get a handle on who can come, how to get there, where to stay, and which activities to do on your trip.

  3. Book a Hotel: Finding a hotel right in the middle of all the action is key, and finding one with style and comfort is an added bonus. If you want to step it up a notch, book a suite for you and your guys to make getting ready and pregaming that much more fun. The D Hotel is perfectly located near everything you need, from bars to shows, and offers luxury amenities to make for a memorable stay for your bachelor party.

  4. Set an Itinerary: When setting a Las Vegas bachelor party itinerary, there are a few things to keep in mind. As mentioned before, take the groom’s preferences and the group’s budgets into consideration. Also consider the time of year and research what will be available once you get to Vegas. If you are planning on going to anything that requires tickets or reservations, plan those first to ensure you and your group get to do everything planned.

Friends Toasting in Las Vegas Suite for Bachelor Party

7 Las Vegas Bachelor Party Itinerary Ideas

Attend a Sporting Event

Las Vegas has been thriving in the sports scene with the addition of the Vegas Golden Knights and the coming of the Las Vegas Raiders. Grab some seats with the boys to see the action in person, or step up your Las Vegas bachelor party by getting all-star access from the D where you can indulge in packages for a luxury suite or exclusive first row glass seats .

Drive Sports Cars

Take your Las Vegas bachelor party form 0 to 100 by getting behind the wheel of some of the fastest and most exotic cars on the market. At Dream Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, you and your buddies can drive some of your dream cars for a rush of adrenaline. From race cars to luxury cars, this is sure to be one legendary activity.

Go to a Shooting Range

Bring your crew to the range for a session of shooting targets like zombies and aliens for an epic Las Vegas bachelor party experience. The Range 702 offers a VIP bachelor party package that includes 50 rounds with a machine gun, 5 rounds with a .45 caliber 1911, access to the VIP suite and your own private range, and limo service to Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club.

Have an Adventure with Outdoor Activities

Just because you’re in the city doesn’t mean you can venture outward. Get rough and dirty while mastering the Nevada dunes during a group ATV tour, hiking through the Valley of Fire, kayaking the Colorado river, or ziplining over Bootleg Canyon. If you bachelor party is adventurous, plan something that takes you outside of the city and into the desert.

Man Taking ATV Tour for Vegas Bachelor Party

Indulge in Spa Packages

Admit it, getting a massage sounds pretty awesome. When planning a bachelor party in Vegas, you don’t have to go hard the entire trip. After a weekend of celebrating, there is no shame in treating yourselves to a spa day. Vegas is filled with luxury spas that will treat you and the guys to a day of relaxation – which is probably needed after wedding planning.

Live it Up at a Pool Party

What sounds better for a bachelor party than surrounding yourself with beautiful people, dancing to a DJ, and having drinks in the pool? The pool parties in Vegas are legendary, and your bachelor party should be the same. Make like the bachelorette parties do and get matching bathing suits to be the hit of the party and make a splash. Suns out, guns out!

Snag Tickets to Shows

Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World, so why not take advantage of all the entertainment right at your fingertips? Depending on your group’s preferences, you can catch Vegas comedy shows, resident artists, guest DJs, and entertaining acts. Try buying tickets early to guarantee going, or talk to concierge services for last-minute options.

Planning a bachelor party in Vegas is one of the most exciting ways to send off your groom-to-be before his big day. There will be memories made for a lifetime, and probably some moments you will forget. Either way, your groom-to-be is sure to have the time of his life while spending time with his closest friends and experiencing all Las Vegas has to offer.

How to Stay Cool in Las Vegas Summer Weather

We know, Vegas can get hot, even if it IS a dry heat. Read on to see what to do to stay cool (hello pools and air-conditioned bars, museums, and shops!), and what to expect in a Las Vegas summer.

Las Vegas Summer Weather

Summer in Las Vegas is, understandably, the hottest time of the year. You may have heard that it’s a “dry heat” felt in Nevada – and it makes sense as there are only 1-2 days on average of rain in the summer. The official summer season starts at the end of June to the end of September. However, the over-90°F Las Vegas heat can be felt starting in May and ending in September. The average temperatures in summer months are:

  • May: High of 90° / Low of 64°
  • June: High of 101° / Low of 73°
  • July: High of 105° / Low of 79°
  • August: High of 103° / Low of 77°
  • September: High of 96° / Low of 70°

Where to Avoid the Las Vegas Heat

Staying inside is key in Las Vegas summer weather. You will find air conditioning blasting almost anywhere you go, offering relief from the sun and heat. Below are some of our favorite ways to escape the Las Vegas heat.

Frozen Margarita at Bar to Escape Las Vegas Heat

The Bar

Heading to a bar solves two problems at once: thirst and air conditioning. Many bars make delicious frozen drinks to help you cool you off, and we couldn’t think of a better way to get away from the sun. There are many bars in Downtown Las Vegas to choose from, or you can chill out at minus5º Ice Experience. Just be wary that both the heat and drinking can quickly dehydrate you, so make sure you order a water with that drink!

The Casino

Sure, hitting the jackpot and winning the big bucks is great, but your first jackpot will be scoring some time in the air conditioning. Spend some time at the D Casino where you can bet on a more comfortable setting than walking around outside. We offer table games, slots, keno, and a sportsbook to keep you occupied. Just a warning though: Our Dancing Dealers may or may not make it hotter!

The Club

Even though temperatures drop at night, the nights are still hot during summer in Vegas. Remedy this by heading out to the club at night to dance in the air conditioning. Check to see which artists are playing when you’re in town and be sure to pack club attire that can withstand the heat. Your biggest risk at a club is dancing too much and upping the temperatures, or getting too close to the DJ and being surrounded by sweaty bodies.

The Museum

Escape the Las Vegas heat while getting an education! Learning about history might not be at the top of your Vegas to-do list, you would be missing out if you skipped the opportunity to visit one of our many fabulous museums. In Downtown Las Vegas, make a trip to the Mob Museum, Las Vegas Natural History Museum, or the DISCOVER Children’s Museum. If you are willing to brave the heat, visit the Neon Museum – it’s outside but worth it!

Friends Enjoying Las Vegas Summer Weather in Pool

The Pool

Make a splash this summer at a Las Vegas pool to cool down. Whether it’s a pool party, simply lounging in the pool, visiting a water park, or even doing watersports in Lake Meade, getting in some water will make the summer heat more tolerable. Because these are not indoors, be sure to apply sunscreen appropriately to avoid getting an uncomfortable sunburn that can put a damper on your trip to Las Vegas

The Shops

Retail therapy can also help with getting over the heat wave. Vegas is known for its number of extravagant shops, and you’ll know them even better for their extraordinary A/C. In Downtown Las Vegas, check out the Downtown Container Park and the Las Vegas North Premium Outlets. Other popular shopping options are Fashion Show, the Forum Shops at Caesars, and the Miracle Mile Shops.

The Shows

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the air conditioning during a show. Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World, and there is certainly no shortage in shows to see. From magic shows to comedy, there is something for everyone to enjoy while beating the heat. Look at the schedules for Downtown events to see who’s performing at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center and T-Mobile Arena. If shows aren’t your thing, attending a Vegas Golden Knights game is just as great.

Don’t let the Las Vegas heat scare you away from visiting this summer! The city knows how to keep it cool and comfortable inside with plenty of activities. Book your room at the D Hotel today to be right in the middle of the action this summer in Vegas.

Celebrating Downtown Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend

Longer weekends mean longer fun, and 3-day Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer. Plan out the perfect long weekend and celebrate Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas with these tips and tricks on where to find the best parties and events!

Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend Expectations

Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas is one of the busiest times to visit. Last year, approximately 320,000 people visited just for that weekend. If we see the same 2% yearly increase in visitors as we have been seeing in 2019, you can expect approximately 385,000 visitors this year. While having crowds may seem like a turn-off, it just makes celebrating that much more fun! That being said, anticipate long lines for clubs, quickly-booked hotel rooms, and long waits for restaurants. Be safe by booking your room at the D Hotel in advance and making any reservations needed for other activities.

Over Vegas Memorial Weekend, you’ll notice the sun got an early start on summer. Vegas May weather has a high of 90°F with a low of 64°F. Keep this in mind as you’re packing! You may need to wear a light sweater at night even if you were sweating all day in the heat. The sun can lead to heat, sunburns, and dehydration. Keep on top of your health in this Vegas May weather by using sunscreen, staying in shaded areas, and being extra careful to stay hydrated.

Free Concerts on Fremont Street for Vegas Memorial Weekend

What to do Downtown for Memorial Day in Las Vegas

After you’ve decided to spend Memorial Day in Las Vegas, it’s time for the exciting part! Planning your Vegas itinerary is necessary to make sure you fit in whatever you want to do over the long weekend. From raging pool parties and exciting shows to making dinner reservations, planning in advance is key.

Of course, we encourage exploring Las Vegas as well! Make a few plans, but don’t forget to walk around the city to find things to do in Vegas for Memorial Weekend that you may not have thought of before. You may stumble upon a show or restaurant that ends up being the highlight of your long weekend.

Fremont Street Experience

From live shows to exciting bars, the Fremont Street Experience is full of energy to keep your Las Vegas Memorial Weekend going! During Memorial Day Weekend, you can even catch a free Good Charlotte concert right in the middle of all the action. You can also spice up your experience with a thrilling SlotZilla Zip Line ride. Downtown Las Vegas can throw a Memorial Day party just as well, if not better than, the Strip, and the Fremont Street Experience proves it.

Bars & Restaurants

Las Vegas is home to a number of great dining options, and the list never stops growing with new talent joining our kitchens! This Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend, spend one day of your long weekend exploring all the Las Vegas foodie options. From delicious steak at Andiamo Steakhouse to the famous Big Poppa Tart Donut at Donut Bar, your tastebuds will party harder than you do in Vegas. Once you’ve filled up on sustenance, celebrate with drinks at one of our many bars! From Downtown Las Vegas breweries to yard drinks to speakeasies, there’s a drink for everyone.

Keep your eye out for special Memorial Day deals by following your favorite restaurants in social media or by simply walking around and seeing what’s available – it’s hard to go wrong with food in Vegas!

Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival at the DLVEC


If you’re visiting the Entertainment Capital of the World for your long weekend, you better see some entertainment. In Vegas, our entertainment is more than just the magic shows and showgirls seen in movies. For years, Las Vegas has built itself a reputation as a premier spot for all the top performers – from Ariana Grande to Paul McCartney.

This Memorial Day Weekend, you can catch the 21st Annual Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival featuring Rancid Descendents, The Specials, The Hives, Refused, The Stranglers, and more. As mentioned earlier, if you’re in a #throwback mood, Good Charlotte will be playing a free concert on Fremont Street on May 24th.


Use your extra day in your long weekend to explore Downtown Las Vegas attractions. Outside of the Fremont Street Experience, there are plenty of other fun things to see and do downtown. Get your shopping done at the Downtown Container Park, get a glimpse into Las Vegas’s past at the Mob Museum and Neon Boneyard, see who’s performing at the Smith Center, and get a little wild at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

The best thing about spending Memorial Day in Las Vegas is that there is something to do for everyone. It isn’t hard to fill up your long-weekend itinerary – you’ll probably find it harder to narrow down what you want to do! Make your plans sooner rather than later for things that you need reservations or tickets for, and prepare yourself for a weekend full of fun. Book a room at the D for your Downtown Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend to be right in the middle of the action!

2019 NFL Draft Party Ideas in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been building its reputation as a true sports city. From the success of the Vegas Golden Knights to the highly-anticipated Raiders stadium, we’re no stranger to being sports enthusiasts and cheering for our favorite teams. And we all know Vegas doesn’t take things lightly. If you’re watching a sporting event here, be prepared for games and celebrations of epic proportions.

One of the most exciting times of the year is upon us: the 2019 NFL draft. An event like this is an exciting time as teams gain new players and new fans. Join other football enthusiasts for a drink, wear your team’s jersey, and read below for NFL draft party ideas to make your 2019 NFL Draft weekend in Vegas the best ever.

Las Vegas 2019 NFL Draft Party Ideas

Michelob Ultra Draft Watch Party at DLVEC

On April 25, Downtown Las Vegas Events Center is turning into the Downtown Watch Zone! At the Michelob Ultra Draft Watch Party, locals and fans from all over can come together for free and watch the first round of the 2019 NFL draft live with stadium surround sound, an on-field experience, and a 72-foot LED screen all brought to you by Michelob Ultra. This epic 21+ event starts at 5pm with doors opening at 4pm.

Get more details and reserve your table here!

With all the excitement that will be erupting on that day, you might want a few pointers and tips to help you get the most from your Michelob Ultra Watch Party experience. Read below for tips and tricks to have the best 2019 NFL draft weekend in Vegas.

Before the Event

– Book a place to stay. The viewing takes place at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, which is surrounded by casinos and hotel with a variety of rooms. Book a room at the D Hotel to be right in the Downtown action and just a few steps away from the DLVEC activities.

– Guarantee your spot. There will be limited seating. In fact, it’s a “first come, first serve” event, so don’t wait to get your spot! Check out the venue online before going and figure out a game plan as to where you want to view the party. The event is free to attend, but booking a table or reserving a man cave ahead of time will guarantee you a spot with a view.

– Have your bets in. There has been a rise of online sports betting, but there are still a few traditionalists out there. Within walking distance is the William Hill Sports Book at the D Hotel & Casino, so don’t forget to make a bet before heading out to the event.

During the Event

– Stay hydrated. Yes, there will be lots of beer and alcohol, but please make sure to keep water handy. Especially with the sun and warmer weather, dehydration is something you’ll want to avoid. You would hate to have a time out and “be taken out of the game.”

– Explore the event. The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center is going to be loaded with food and activities to keep you excited and fueled during the event. From interactive booths with prizes to food vendors who sell game day hits like hot wings, be sure to walk around and enjoy the entire experience.

Friends Playing Beer Pong in DLVEC Man Cave for 2019 NFL Draft

Credit: Downtown Las Vegas Events Center

Throw Your Own NFL Draft Party

Draft up you own dream team of friends, and step up your NFL draft party by booking a man cave for you and your crew. By booking a man cave at the Michelob Ultra Draft Watch Party, you not only get the general party, but you get your own as well. Live it up in a premium shaded space that lets you party all day long and focus on your favorite team.

You get a personal 70” LED HD TV and a clear view of the main and side LED screens for your optimal viewing pleasure. Take it over the top with food and beverage service or your own game of beer pong.

You can book your 2019 NFL draft party man cave here!

NFL Draft Coming to Vegas in 2020

What’s even more exciting than going to a draft party? The draft itself! The NFL announced last year that it will be making its way to Las Vegas for the 2020 NFL draft. Hosting the draft in the entertainment capital of the world means a week of unforgettable celebration for all football enthusiasts. With the Raiders relocation and hosting the draft next year, Las Vegas will be a city to keep your eye on.

Be sure to attend the 2019 NFL draft parties in Las Vegas so you can have bragging rights for being first on the Vegas football hype! Not only will you have the time of your life at the 2019 Michelob Ultra Draft Watch Party, you’ll also get a preview of next year so you can be a pro in the Las Vegas football crowds that are sure to come.

Guide to Spring Break in Vegas: Pool Party Season

The first day of Spring was March 20, which means spring break is upon us! U.S. News notes that Spring is the best season to visit Las Vegas, as temperatures are still comfortable and warm-weather events are starting to ramp up again. Whether you’re planning a trip for your college spring break, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or just a spontaneous getaway with your partner or friends, this is your ultimate guide for pool parties for spring break in Vegas.

Read below to find what to expect with weather, where to find the most epic Las Vegas pool parties for the best DJs, food, and overall vibes!

Las Vegas Spring Weather

Spring in 2019 lasts from now until June 21, and lucky for you, April and May are much cooler than the Summer months. The average temperatures you can expect this Spring are:

  • April: High of 80° / Low of 54°
  • May: High of 90° / Low of 64°
  • June: High of 101° / Low of 73°

As you can see, Las Vegas April weather is the most mild, with temperatures quickly creeping up in May and June. You can expect the days to be sunny and warm, but nights can cool off pretty quickly, so be sure to pack accordingly!

Friends Enjoying Drinks at Pool for Las Vegas Spring Break

Pool Parties in Vegas

Las Vegas pool party season began in March this year, with the exception of Kaos Dayclub opening in April and Bare Pool Lounge opening some time this Spring. The climbing temperatures and abundance of sun make the pools irresistible, and Vegas sure does know how to throw a pool party. When attending these parties, all you need to bring is a trendy suit, sun tan lotion, and the  good vibes to party!

Check out these 10 Vegas pool parties below to really make a splash during your spring break:

Bare Pool Lounge at The Mirage

This is one pool in Las Vegas where going topless is allowed. Bare Pool Lounge has a more intimate feel than the other Las Vegas pools, and offers a menu of mojitos to stay cool.

Circa Resort & Casino

While not opening until December 2020, we’re already excited about the pools at Circa Las Vegas! The multi-tiered, six-pool amphitheater with a 125-foot, high-resolution screen is perfect for the best pool parties in Vegas.

DAYLIGHT Beach Club at Mandalay Bay

LIT Sundays, Rose All Day on Thursdays, and an overall great lineup with regular artists like Duke Dumont, Rick Ross, and Ookay, DAYLIGHT brings the energy of Ibiza to Las Vegas.

Drai’s Beachclub at The Cromwell

A Las Vegas pool party with a view! Drai’s Beachclub overlooks the city, including the Bellagio fountains. Enjoy the sights, indulge in delicious food and drink, and dance the day away.

DJ Playing at Las Vegas Pool Party

Encore Beach Club at Wynn Encore

Encore is the place to be if you’re looking for an indulgent time during Vegas pool party season. Check out their lineup with big-name DJs like the Chainsmokers, Diplo, and Kygo for the best Las Vegas spring break.

KAOS Dayclub at The Palms

Vegas is getting a new player in the pool party game, and it’s going to be KAOS. This new day club will be a “luxe Greek-inspired oasis” and will have a rotating DJ booth for top talent to perform.

Liquid Pool Lounge at Aria

If your style is a little classier and upscale than the average Las Vegas pool parties, Liquid is right for you. Comfortable chaise lounges and daybeds are perfect for listening to Djs after taking a dip.

Marquee Dayclub at The Cosmopolitan

The ultimate adult oasis awaits at the Marquee Dayclub, where you can dance to the beat of DJs like Crisk Lake and Cedric Gervais. If you’re feeling extra, book one of their Grand Cabanas.

TAO Beach at The Venetian

Amazing sushi and a luxury pool party experience, does it get any better? TAO Beach boasts great food, an amazing pool atmosphere, top DJs, air-conditioned cabanas, and even Playboy Fridays.

Wet Republic at MGM Grand

Steve Aoki, Zedd, Tiësto, Calvin Harris, and Martin Garrix are just a few of the DJs playing at Wet Republic during spring break in Vegas. The two saltwater pools and giant marble bar are also pretty great.

When visiting for spring break in Vegas, you know you’re in for a good time. Las Vegas pool party season is something you don’t want to miss and is perfect for drinks, dancing, and taking a dip as the temperatures rise. Make your Las Vegas spring break even more epic by booking your room at the D Hotel, where you can stay in the middle of the growing Downtown excitement while being near all the Las Vegas spring break events and pool parties!

5 Las Vegas Basketball Parties for March Hoops

From Selection Sunday to the National Championship game, March (and a little bit of April) is a huge month for college basketball. On top of that, March is the busiest month for visiting Las Vegas, making it the ultimate spot for watching the games with your crew. Larger crowds means larger fun. March Hoops Opening Weekend is March 21-24, which is arguably the most exciting weekend of the tournament.

So, are you prepared for the big weekend? Read below to see what to expect and where the catch the best Las Vegas basketball parties!

What to Expect from a Weekend of Las Vegas Basketball

As mentioned earlier, March is the most popular month to visit Las Vegas. There were 3.75 million visitors in March of 2018, up 70,000 people from the next highest month. With that being said, expect large crowds for this NCAA Tournament. Large crowds are what you make of it, and as we see it, you just have more friends to party with while watching the game! Whether you’re visiting with your crew or are making new friends, it’s hard to ignore the energy and excitement that this tournament brings to the city.

Keeping that in mind, traveling to Vegas in March means longer lines and higher prices for clubs, less availability for tickets to shows and events, and crowded casinos and sportsbooks.

If you haven’t booked your room yet, staying in Downtown Las Vegas is the perfect way to still be in on the action while not being in the thick of the crowds of the Strip. Not only are there plenty of Las Vegas basketball viewing parties to attend, there are also plenty of bars to catch the tournament and activities for those in your party who may not be as interested in basketball.

Basketball Court for National Tournament Game

March NCAA Tournament Las Vegas Basketball Parties

March Hoops Viewing Parties at the D

Get in on all of the action during the March Hoops Opening Weekend at the D. The March Hoops Viewing Parties last all weekend long, and for free! Set up on the 12th floor in the Detroit ballroom, there will be food and drinks for sale and betting stations available. For those wanting more private Las Vegas basketball parties, you can rent a man cave for you and your crew to have the most epic weekend ever!

Beer Park Tournament Madness Viewing Party

The Beer Park Tournament Madness Viewing Party is a high-end way to cheer on your favorite team during opening weekend. Views of the Bellagio Fountains and a minimum spend of $175 per person, this might just be one of the fanciest basketball tournament viewing parties you’ve been to.

Cosmopolitan Hoops and Hops 2019

An open bar, over 40,000 square feet of space, a hardwood court with a regulation hoop, an on-site sportsbook, and high-definition stadium-style screens all await you at the luxe tournament viewing party at the Cosmopolitan. This Las Vegas basketball party costs $475 for a 3-day pass while single-day passes cost $150-$225.

College Basketball Players in National Tournament

Hoops Mania at the Hard Rock Cafe

Located at the Hard Rock Cafe on the south end of the Strip (not the hotel and casino) is the annual Hoops Mania celebration. For a daily pass of $220 or a 3-day pass of $500, you can spend the weekend with an open bar and a delicious buffet of “game day favorites” while placing bets with the on-site William Hill sportsbook.

Hoops Viewing Headquarters at Topgolf Las Vegas

Topgolf Las Vegas will be offering premium viewing packages that start at $200 for opening weekend of the tournament. You can enjoy golf bays and cabanas, $30 beer buckets, over 300 screens for watching the games, and a sports betting window. Also during opening weekend, Draft Party will host a VIP Las Vegas basketball party at Topgolf.

There’s no better place to watch the NCAA Basketball Tournament than in Vegas. Whether you attend one of the big Las Vegas basketball parties, book a private man cave with your crew, place some bets in a sportsbook, or just watch from your hotel room, you’re sure to love the energy and enthusiasm that basketball lovers bring to the city!

Friends Enjoying Meal in New Las Vegas Restaurant

10 New Las Vegas Restaurants & Bars Opening in 2019

Shows and casinos are no longer the main focuses when visiting Sin City, especially when the sin is gluttony. Las Vegas has always been the foodie’s dream, and it certainly isn’t showing any sign of slowing down with the new talent coming in. From the Strip to Downtown Las Vegas restaurants, up-and-coming and well-established chefs are setting up kitchens all across the city. Learn more about new Las Vegas restaurants and bars opening in 2019 here.

New Las Vegas Restaurants in 2019

Hatsumi & La Monja

Where: Ferguson’s Downtown
When: Early 2019

Downtown’s Ferguson’s Motel is getting a makeover, and because of it, there will be two new Downtown Las Vegas restaurants. Chef Daniel Krohmer of Other Mama plans to bring Hatsumi, a Japanese robata-style restaurant, and La Monja, a Mexican restaurant with a focus on fish, to the DTLV food scene.

Vanderpump Cocktail Lounge

Where: Caesars Palace
When: Early 2019

If you’re a reality TV aficionado, paying a visit to the Vanderpump Cocktail Lounge once it opens is a must. You may have seen Lisa Vanderpump on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, or Dancing with the Stars, but now you can see her put her talents into a beautiful garden bar fitted with rosé and sangria.

The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails

Where: Cosmopolitan
When: Spring 2019

Barbershop by day, cocktail lounge by night. Bar patrons will be able to enter through “unassuming janitor’s door located within The Barbershop” that will lead to live music, craft beer, an exquisite whiskey selection, and stunning decor. We hear the barbershop will be pretty spectacular as well if you’re looking to get a beard trim before taking on the night.

Rendering of Patio of Shark by Bobby Flay at the Palms Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Palms


Where: Palms
When: Spring 2019

Bobby Flay brings another one of his stellar restaurants to Las Vegas, this time focusing the menu on fish dishes. This will be Flay’s first new restaurant opening in 5 years, and his new menu is highly anticipated with items ranging from raw bar items to fish entrees inspired by South American, Mexican, and Mediterranean flavors.

Charleston Hall

Where: Arts District
When: Summer 2019

Though no restaurants are currently signed on, the new Arts District plan for a food hall sure is an exciting one. The vision for this food hall is to break the norms of dining while providing a creative space to enjoy art. Plans also include a bar, live entertainment, and rotating art exhibits to keep things fresh and interesting.

The Crack Shack

Where: Park MGM
When: Fall 2019

California chicken sandwich restaurant, Crack Shack, is planned to settle in next to Eataly in 2019. Top Chef Richard Blais brings his delicious and affordable chicken sandwiches to Sin City, mixing comfort food with inventive twists. Imagine this after a day of Vegas activities: crispy chicken, a fried egg, bacon, cheddar, miso-maple butter, and a toasted brioche. Yum.

Kind Heaven

Where: LINQ Promenade
When: Fall 2019

Dubbed the “most unusual project to debut on the Strip in 2019” by Eater Las Vegas, Kind Heaven has truly proven to be one of the new Las Vegas restaurants to keep an eye on. They have been releasing renderings of the restaurant’s vision, which includes a multi-level space with unique culinary, sensory, and entertainment experiences on each level.

Assorted Dim Sum in Bamboo Steamers

Tim Ho Wan

Where: Palms
When: Fall 2019

Originally hailing from Hong Kong, Tim Ho Wan is the world’s least expensive Michelin-star dim sum restaurant. This year, they will expand into Las Vegas joining a slew of impressive restaurants at the Palms. Be sure to save room for all the delicious dim sum options, from their famous barbecue pork buns to the shrimp dumplings.

Smith & Wollensky

Where: Grand Canal Shoppes
When: 2019

Everyone loves a good comeback story! Smith & Wollensky will return to the Strip this year to serve up classic steak dishes. With seating for just under 500 people, this steakhouse will be a throwback to the high-end steakhouse dining experiences with premier service and premium dishes.

True Food Kitchen

Where: Forum Shops at Caesars
When: 2019

Want some healthier fare while in Vegas? Or trying to make up for a night of drinking and late-night meals? True Food Kitchen takes fresh, healthy ingredients that will leave you wanting more. From amazing fish tacos to a cheesy spaghetti squash casserole, you can eat well while still getting an incredible amount of flavor.

It doesn’t matter if you identify as a foodie or not, it’s almost impossible not to find a restaurant you will love in Las Vegas, and these new Las Vegas restaurants coming in 2019 prove it. As the city grows, you get more and more experiences to enjoy that make your trip to Las Vegas just that much more enjoyable. From winning the jackpot to having the best meal of your life, there is something special for everyone.

Football Players Playing in Big Game

How to Prep for the Big Game in Vegas: Parties, Betting & More

The NFL Championship is almost upon us and it’s going to be a tight race to see who shows up! Whether your favorite team is still in the running or you’re just in it for the snacks and drinks, Las Vegas is the perfect place to cheer on the Big Game. From watch parties to sports betting to where to stay, we’re here to show you a great time on this monumental football weekend. So grab your facepaint and jerseys and let’s look at how to prep for the Big Game in Vegas.

NFL Championship Game Viewing Parties

Viewing parties for the Big Game are Vegas’ time to shine. There are parties on and off the Strip and if the 311,000 visitors in 2018 were any indication, 2019 is sure to be a great time. Here are some places to catch the Big Game:

Big Game Bash Watch Party at the D

No one does football like the D, so this year join us for the biggest game of the season way up on the 12th floor. We’ll have private Man Caves where you can party like champions, unlimited food and drink in the Detroit Ballroom, and all the cheering you could ask for. After the game, head right up to your room and keep the party going all night!

Big Game Viewing Party 2019 at Beer Park

Football and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly, so why not enjoy the Big Game at Beer Park, known for its amazing TVs, cool outdoor seating and, well, beer. Beer Park is offering various tiers of tickets, including individual bar seating, a 2-person package deal, and all-inclusive tickets that includes access to the many buffet-style food stations throughout the venue.

2019 VIP Pigskin Party

Westgate is throwing down for the NFL Championship this year! Guests can enjoy food stations, a complimentary call bar, buckets of beer, and a fun photobooth to remember all the memories. Sports fanatics will also enjoy the many betting options at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, the world’s largest race and sports book.

Friends Celebrating at Big Game Viewing Party

Cabo Wabo Cantina Football Fiesta

Score big at Cabo Wabo Cantina with all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffets with tailgate favorites like hot dogs and burgers as well as Mexican classics. Nothing says “Big Game” like a build-your-own taco and nacho station! Drinks include the Cantina’s Signature Margarita, handcrafted cocktails, and draft and bottled beers.

Biggest Big Game Bash at Downtown Las Vegas Events Center

The Downtown Watch Zone has been the place to catch football games all season and DLVEC is wrapping up the season with the Biggest Big Game Bash. Bring all your friends and rent a table and enjoy 72 feet of LED screen, two 22-foot side screens, and lots of food and drink. If you want to step your party up a notch, check out the venue’s Man Caves, where you’ll be treated with food and beverage service and a premium shaded space for up to 30 people.

The Big Game at Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas

Hard Rock is known for both its delicious food and mega parties, and the Big Game is no exception. Cheer on your favorite team with guaranteed seating, a five-hour premium open bar, and food stations of chef-selected game day favorites.

PBR Rock Bar and Grill Big Game Party 2019

PBR Rock Bar and Grill is located right in the middle of the Strip and is hosting a huge viewing party for the Big Game this year. All packages guarantee your seat and include a premium open bar starting at 2pm until the game ends. Never miss a play with the multiple projector screens and individual booth TVs.

Sports Betting in Las Vegas

Betting on the Big Game is almost as fun as watching the commercials, especially when you know what you’re doing. Let’s look at some of the most common football bets and how you can try to win yourself a little extra cash for the slot machines (or buffet).

Person Placing Sports Bet for Big Game on Phone

Betting on the Big Game

Even if you know next to nothing about football, you can still place a bet on the Big Game. Here are a few tips to get you started:

> A straight bet is the most common type of football bet. This is when you bet on the team you want to win and the point spread your expect. This bet pays out 10/11, which means that if you bet $11, you win $10 (plus your original bet).
> An over-under bet is when you bet that the total score of the game will be more or less than the number listed on your official ticket. This bet pays out at the same odds of 10/11.

There are other variations of football bets such as Futures, Parlays, Teasing, and more.

Where to Place Your Bet

The Entertainment Capital of the World is full of amazing places to make your Big Game bet. Here are a few of the most notable sports books in the city:

1. Caesars Palace Race & Sports Book – The Race & Sports Book in Caesars Palace is one of the best on the Strip. Watch the game from a 143-foot HD LED screen and hear all the action from 4-Zone Directional Sound. The space includes lower level seating, which includes three drink tickets, and VIP seating, which includes all-you-can-drink and an expedited line for betting.
2. William Hill Sports BookThe William Hill Sports Book at the D is a great place to take in all the action and hopefully win a little extra cash. Plus, it’s located right next to the Vue Bar, so you can watch your bet on the state-of-the-art odds display boards and grab a drink. Do you have what it takes to bet on the Big Game?
3. Wynn Race & Sports Book – The Wynn Race & Sports Book just went through a major renovation and is looking better than ever. The sports book combines the “big screen views of a movie theater” with the “thrill of sports spectating” at free events every week.
4. The Book at the Plaza – The Plaza has the biggest sportsbook in Downtown Las Vegas, with over 75 screens displaying all the action. For the Big Game this year, the Plaza is hosting their $100,000 Big Game Parlay Card. If you pick all 15 winners of 15 Big Game props, you win $100,000 in cash!

There’s no better place to cheer on the Big Game than in Vegas and this guide will help you do it right. Whether you attend a huge viewing party, place some bets, or just watch from your hotel room, you’re sure to love the excitement of this big day.

Aerosmith Performing Live on Stage

Aerosmith Las Vegas Residency Begins in 2019

Sin City is known for its world-class Vegas entertainment as some of the most beloved artists take residency and perform epic shows. From classic acts like Elvis Presley and the Rat Pack to modern-day artists such as Celine Dion, Elton John, Mariah Carey, Calvin Harris, Britney Spears, and Cher, Vegas residencies are a pretty big deal. Almost every year brings a new face to the scene, and in 2019, the Aerosmith Las Vegas residency is slated to begin! [Image above attributed to: – Courtesy of Steve Appleford]

Aerosmith: Deuces are Wild

Starting April 6, 2019, the “Aerosmith: Deuces are Wild” shows will kick off at the Park Theater. Between April and July, the band has announced they will perform their first 18 shows, with more shows likely to be added later in the year. So far, we’ve been promised “never-seen-before visuals and audio from Aerosmith recording sessions” and state-of-the-art audio and video technology for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So why is this Aerosmith Las Vegas residency so exciting? Only because they’ve been dubbed “America’s Greatest Rock Band”, is the best-selling American rock band, and is an influence to other music legends such as Guns ‘N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, and Metallica. Since their success in the 1970s, Aerosmith has won many awards from programs such as the Grammy Awards and MTV Video Music Awards, and have the most gold albums by an American group while being tied with Van Halen for the most multi-platinum album certifications by an American group.

Want in on this Aerosmith Las Vegas residency action? Make sure to buy your Aerosmith: Deuces are Wild tickets soon!

People Attending Las Vegas Concert

Radical Places to Dine and Drink Less than a Mile Away

Now imagine this: you have tickets to see the award-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Famers at the Park Theater for their “Aerosmith: Deuces are Wild” residency. You become filled with “Sweet Emotions” and now need to make the rest of the night just as epic. Epic bars and restaurants need to be nearby so your not “Jaded” if you’re late to the show. Good news “Walk This Way” to the “The Other Side” and see the selection that is only a few feet away from the theater.

1. California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) at The Park

Distance: 0.2 miles
Price: $$
Hours: Mon- Thu 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Fri – Sat 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

This kitchen has a modern setting and fast service. It has food that is sure to please any person from a meat lover to a vegetarian. CPK is known for their fresh and seasonal ingredients, hand-tossed pizzas and unique kinds of pasta and salads. They have a selection of premium wines, crafted beers, and hand-crafted cocktails. You are sure to find something to eat and drink here that will leave you humming a happy tune.

2. Bruxie

Distance: 0.2 miles
Price: $
Hours: Mon- Thu, Sun 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM, Fri – Sat 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

This isn’t your typical fried chicken and waffles, it’s the original fried chicken and waffle sandwich! Their main claim to fame are their sandwiches made with waffles, not bread.All entrees made from scratch and waffles made to order. This place is sure to give you a feeling of home and comfort as you eat this light and crispy chicken inside two golden brown non-sweet waffles. Have a hole in your soul? This fun twist on soul food will patch it right up!

Drinks and Food at Beer Hall

3. Beerhaus

Distance: 0.2 miles
Price: $$
Hours: Mon- Thu 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM, Fri – Sat 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM, Sun 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Before hearing some classic rock at Aerosmith: Deuces are Wild, you may want to sit back and chill. Across the way is a beer hall that has a menu with drinks to appeal to the casual drinker and beverages for the refined palettes. Along with drinks, the menu includes savory sandwiches and snacks that are sure to energize you before you rock out that night. If you are looking for a little pre-show pump up, check out the live concert music at the bar!

4. The Chocolate Bar

Distance: 0.2 miles
Price: $$
Hours: 11:00 AM-2:00 AM

Located next to Hershey’s Chocolate World, this bar has drinks that are sure to feed any sweet tooth. Served here are specialty cocktails inspired by some come delectable treats like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Martini and the Jolly Rancher Jolly-Tini. There is also a varied mix of chocolate beers and wines. Either way, if you have a sweet tooth and want a fun, unique experience, head to The Chocolate Bar before or after your Aerosmith Las Vegas show.

So “Let the Music Do the Talking” and head on over to one of these fresh and notable places before or after the show. They are sure to do “What It Takes” to fuel your energy and  leave you rockin all night or maybe even “Livin on the Edge.” And when it is time to turn in for the night, or when it’s simply time to head to a new bar, make sure you stay at the D Casino Hotel to keep rocking all night. Seeing Aerosmith: Deuces are Wild will be one experience you need to have, and you won’t want to miss a thing!  

Las Vegas Winter Skyline at Sunset

9 Reasons to Enjoy a Las Vegas Winter Vacation

When it comes to spring and summer, Vegas is a popular destination for pool parties, festivals, and catching your favorite artists. But did you know a Las Vegas winter vacation is just as great? From milder weather to exciting winter events, winter in Vegas gives you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the area in comfort. So what makes a Las Vegas winter so great? Read below for our favorite winter activities in Sin City!

Las Vegas Winter Weather

Nothing quite beats Las Vegas winter weather. While the summers are notoriously hot with temperatures easily exceeding 100°F, our winters will treat you with pleasantly mild temperatures. Because of the mild weather, Vegas is the perfect winter escape for those living in cold states. On top of avoiding the cold, the cooler Las Vegas winter temperature makes exploring the area much easier – whether you’re walking around the city or going on a hike.

In the winter, you will enjoy these average temperatures in Las Vegas weather in:

> December: High of 58°F and low of 38°F
> January: High of 58°F and low of 39°F
> February: High of 64°F and low of 42°F

Las Vegas Winter Activities

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

This winter, the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens beautifully transform the space into two special displays. At the start of the winter season, a jolly holiday display turns the conservatory into a breathtaking winter wonderland. And coming soon, between January 12 and March 2 a special Chinese New Year display showcases the celebration.

2015 Chinese New Year Display at Bellagio ConservatoryAttribute:

Entertainment in Vegas

Winter in Vegas typically means smaller crowds. The warm weather brings in spring breakers and summer parties, making the winter a great time to catch your favorite Vegas entertainment. Between shows like Cirque du Soleil, events at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, and the Fremont Street Experience, there’s something for everyone.

Downtown Container Park

On the second Sunday of every month, the Downtown Container Park features Second Sunday – an event featuring local artists, vendors, and entertainment. This event is a fun and unique way to get to know Vegas on a whole new level. And while Second Sunday isn’t in session, check out the awesome shops, restaurants, and the Dome for extra fun.

Gambling & Casino Games

It’s almost impossible to do Vegas without going to the casino. No matter what your skill level, there are plenty of casino games for beginners and experts alike. Try your hand at some gambling and bring your lucky underwear along with your jackets. Who knows, maybe you’ll hit the jackpot and you can move to a tropical getaway where winter doesn’t exist.

Outdoor Adventures

As mentioned earlier, cooler weather means less-strenuous outdoor activities. If you are visiting Vegas for more than just the city and want to add some nature in your life, explore some of the many trails, hikes, and parks in the area. Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Lake Meade, Mount Charleston, and Lee Canyon are all lovely places to see in the cool weather.

Snow in Red Rock Canyon During Winter in Las Vegas

Restaurants & Bars

Having a great meal or delicious drink is necessary to keep you warm during the winter in Vegas. Our city boasts award-winning restaurants and amazing bars to whet everyone’s appetites and quench thirsts. From happy hour deals and yard drinks to exquisite steak dinners and wine bars, there is something for every palate and situation.

Shopping in Las Vegas

Shopping is something enjoyed year-round, but that doesn’t mean it’s less fun during the winter months! If the desert winter temperatures ever drop too low for you, seek warmth in the many shops of Las Vegas. Outlet malls and shopping centers can be found all around Vegas, fitting any shopping needs you desire. Be on the lookout for post-holiday sales!

Vegas Golden Knights Games

If you haven’t heard of the Vegas Golden Knights and their stellar success, it’s time to listen up! Visiting Las Vegas in winter means you’re visiting in prime VGK season. Make sure to catch one of their home games at T-Mobile Arena to see how locals support their team. Attending one of these games is a sports experience you won’t want to miss.

Make your winter vacation one to remember by spending winter in Vegas. You will enjoy beautiful scenery, comfortable temperatures, and exciting experiences that don’t happen in any other season. Start off your Las Vegas winter planning today by booking at the D Hotel, where you’ll be close to the action and have a cozy place to warm up in after a long day of winter activities!