Interior of Cannabition Cannabis Museum

World’s First Cannabis Museum Opens on Fremont Street

Who would ever expect that Las Vegas would be the home to the first ever immersive cannabis art museum in the world? Well, to be blunt … everyone! Never to be outdone, Las Vegas is first in line to expand in the world of cannabis after recreational marijuana was legalized in Nevada in 2017. The 10,500-square-foot paraphernalia-packed Cannabition Cannabis Museum has made history by rolling in to Sin City’s Fremont Street and Downtown has never been so lit! [Image above attributed to:]

Cannabition has only been open for a short amount of time, but locals and tourists alike are already raving about this psychedelic, multi-sensory learning center for all the grass lovers out there. Only being a quick, two-minute walk from the D, you’ll be able hop on over to Cannabition and be back before our dancing dealers ever know you were gone! So, if you’ve always wanted to swim in a pool of nugs or bounce on a 10-foot-tall sack of weed, then grab your best buds and take a short stroll to Cannabition for one, truly dope experience.

Art Installation in Cannabition Weed MuseumAttribute: Instagram – cannabition

Cannabis Higher Learning

Cannabition Cannabis Museum has achieved meeting the high expectations of marijuana consumers by teaming up with some of the best cannabis brands across the country to create the ultimate weed museum exhibit. In each room, you’ll learn about the varieties of cannabis such as Indica and Sativa, along with their history and uses. Visitors get to witness, first-hand, the processes of cultivation to harvest. Between 12 immersing exhibits, you’ll be taken on a psychedelic journey that will teach you about chemistry, botany, the psychoactive compounds of THC, and marijuana culture dating all the way back to the 1960’s.

The minute you enter Cannabition, you’ll wonder what in the world the museum developers were on when they created their one-of-a-kind attractions. Where else can you cozy up on a cannabis seed-shaped bed, sit on Indica Buddha’s lap, peer through a kaleidoscope joint, drool over a life-size gummy bear, or swing carelessly from a life tree? With chronic levels of art, culture, and history, Cannabition offers a multitude of photo opportunities! Show your Instagram followers a picture of you frolicking in the Hug-a-Nug forest with 7-foot-tall marijuana buds or blow your friends away with a photo of the world’s largest bong: the 24-foot, fully functioning “Bongzilla”. Now that’s a ripping good time!

World’s Largest Bong “Bongzilla” at Cannabition Cannabis MuseumAttribute:

A Smokin’ Experience

Cannabition Cannabis Museum is a public attraction, therefore it must abide by federal and state laws – meaning it is a non-consumption facility. So while you cannot currently consume at the museum, you’ll still have a smokin’ experience. The museum supports the efforts of the city to legalize public consumption lounges and looks forward to the day they will be able to add onsite cannabis consumption to their list. At this time, there are also no sales of marijuana or edibles however, you’ll be pleased to know there is a cannabis gift shop along with a rather large selection of CBD products available for purchase.

Because of the nature of Cannabition, visitors must be 21- years -old or older to enter the joint. If you meet that short list of criteria, then you can purchase your general admission tickets on their website or opt for VIP passes for an even doper experience – no line waiting and a $10 coupon for the retail shop!  

The purpose of Cannabition Cannabis Museum is to celebrate the recent rise of cannabis culture in Nevada and across the rest of the country. Even if you’re not crushing hard on Mary Jane, Cannabition may just open your mind about the wonderful advancements marijuana has made over the years. The museum and it’s “Canna-Guides” have safety, education, a fun baked into each of their minds so visitors can relax and learn about the attributes of cannabis while maintaining an ear-to-ear grin from entrance to exit.